The Greek Chain – Learn Greek Journey Zoom Event



The Greek Chain – Learn Greek Journey is a LIVE interactive event via Zoom, created by Timon Rossolimos and run by certified and qualified Hellenic teachers for anyone who wants to speak better, write easier and live the Greek language. 


4:00 pm   – 5:30 pm   (GMT+2) South Africa
4:00pm    – 5:30 pm   (GMT+2) Greece
2:00 pm   – 3:30 pm   (GMT) United Kingdom
09:00 am – 10:30 am   (GMT -4) New York

9.60 Euros
7.80 GB pounds
10.95 US Dollars
170.00 SA Rands 

1.5 Hours

NOTE: We may go on longer if there are further questions.


TOPIC: Changes each week

✔ Dialogues, Comprehension, Vocabulary & Grammar lessons

Find it on the map? Look at the Greek map find the location

Where is it? Directions, weather, distances, speed, places and time (Each lesson)

Guess the word (Look at the image and guess what the word is)

Choose the article (The/A/An) (Read through a couple of sentences and choose the correct article in the list)

Choose the adjective (Read through a couple of sentences and choose the correct adjective in the list)

Find the word (We give one person a word, you have to ask them and find what word they have)

My Favourites (We ask what your favourite thing is, you answer)

✔  My duties (We give you a theme, you tell us what your duty is in Greek)

✔  Take a jacket (We as your mother will ask you questions before you go out)

✔  Try translate (We present you with sentences in English and you can try to translate them to Greek)

✔  Did you know facts (NB* information and what you should know before you go) 

✔  3 Basic Questions (We ask you THREE basic questions around a topic and you answer in Greek) 

✔  Interactive exercises, puzzles, games and activities!

✔  Speak like a Greek for 2 minutes

✔  Questions and answers


Anyone who wants to:

› Speak & understand better Greek

› Write easier and faster

› Learn Greek the fun, fast and interactive way

› Enjoy everyday life topics in Greek

› Meet & socialise with like minded passionate Greek learners


›  Welcome Letter with the Event Details (You’ll receive before the event via e-mail)

› 1 Step-By-Step Guide to join Zoom & make the most out of its features (PDF)

› 1 Learn to Read Greek from Alpha to Omega Book (PDF)


› A recorded version of the event (Video)

› Seminar slides (PDF)

› 1 UPDATED: Learn Greek Vocabulary & Terms (PDF)

The Greek Chain – Learn Greek Journey Zoom events will give you everything you need to speak better, write easier and live the Greek language. 

When you’ve booked your seat, you’ll be sent the downloadable links to your email, 1 day before the event takes place.

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We will only accept a LIMITED number of attendees in order to make it more valuable and personal.

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