From me (Timon) and the MATI Trader Team, we trust you’re enjoying your profits and have learnt a fortune of information so far.


Here is the MATI Trader System track record visualised with how the system has performed over the last two years…

March 2020 – September 2022

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  • NEW PREMIUM MATI TRADER DISCORD CHAT ROOM – Trades, analyses, updates, LIVE events and adjustments
  • NEW PREMIUM LIVE EVENTS – See Blind analyses on different markets and what profit opportunities are lining up
  • New international stocks and indices (74 new markets) to add onto the service 

  • New weekly Forex currency pairs and updates 

  • New trading videos shot from all over the world 

  • New crypto-currencies soon to be added to the service

  • New trading Zoom events where you’ll secure 50% discounts 

  • New calculators to tackle all different trading styles and strategies

  • New potential ways to receive your trading ideas

Let’s build our wealth together, during these difficult times. 


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  • In each trading chart you’ll find four lines:

  • Blue Line – Entry price level 

  • Red Line – Stop loss price level 

  • Green Line  – Take profit price level

  • Shaded Area – Outline of a breakout pattern


  • I NEVER risk any money you can’t afford to lose.  

  • I NEVER risk more than 2% of your portfolio in any one trade.  

  • I EXPECT around one or two losing quarters of downside a year (This is perfectly normal when trading professionally).   

  • NOTE: Past performance does not guarantee future results.  

WARNING: There’s a slight chance that prices may “gap” past my stop loss where I stand to lose more than expected.



  • Which markets I’m trading & why

  • My precise entry & exit price levels

  • My easy to visualise chart setups 



  • Where I’m locking in trading profits & cutting losses 

See how my current trades are performing

PPS: Who knows? My trade ideas could give you ideas for you with your trading!

Click here to order the MATI Trader Premium Service – 64% New Year Discount


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