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Great you’re one step away from your continuation with MATI Trader

You see – We are moving onto a new system that is more secured, encrypted, faster and will provide you a much better trading experience going forward. 

Please can you continue with the R5.00 processing fee.

We will then send you a free trading product that you do not own yet, as a token of thank you.


Once processed you will get the opportunity to choose from a WIDE selection of PAID MATI Trader products, courses and books that you do NOT even own yet. – FREE GIFT TO YOU.

Here are some of the gifts you have a chance of being given today!


MATI Trader System Programme (Valued at R2,500)


1. MATI Trader System Programme book (Valued at R550)

2. Complete Chart Patterns and Candlesticks Guide (Valued at R299).

COURSES (Valued at R550 EACH)

1. Beginner Trading Course

2. Intermediate Trading Course

3. Advanced Trading Course

4. Drawdown and Risk management Course

5. Forex Trading Course

6. Index Trading Course

7. Commodities Trading Course

8. Smart Money Concepts Trading Course

EVENT (Valued R950)

Master Day Trading and Build a 60% year portfolio.

As soon as you have completed paying your processing fee of R5.00, you will receive an email with the gifts you can choose to download and own.

The subscription says once every 5 years, but once the order is made it will be cancelled so you won’t have to worry. 

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