Dear MATI Trader,


Everything you need to know about the Universe, can be condensed into this tiny equation.

What if there was a formula that unlocked the laws of trading the markets?

I believe, there is…

I call them the 5 Laws To Trading Success…

1. Markets 

You’ll need to be able to find and trade the best markets, at anytime and anywhere in the world with CFDs or through Spread Trading.

2. Method

You’ll need to create and adopt proven, mechanical and consistently profitable trading strategies with a few entry and exit rules.

3. Money 

You’ll need to learn how to use essential money management rules in order to boost your winners, cut your losses and never blow your trading account.

4. Mind

You’ll need to be able to improve your self-confidence and develop a successful trading mindset, in order to trade effortlessly with little worry and with less stress.

5. Miscellaneous

You’ll need to adopt extra tips and tricks in order to boost your win rate, cut your trading holding time and preserve your portfolio.

Once you incorporate all five equally important elements – around your personality, lifestyle and risk appetite – you’ll be able to create a timeless and profitable trading plan for the rest of your trading career.

Make sure you watch the full video where I go into a lot more detail about the five laws of trading success…

Until next time,

Trade well,

Timon Rossolimos

Founder, MATI Trader

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