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My name is Timon Rossolimos, founder of MATI Trader. When I first started trading in 2003 up until 2008, it was a complete disaster…

The learning process cost me hundreds of thousands of rands, tens of thousands of hours, countless nights of fear and a ton of trial and error through testing over 1,000 systems.

The only thing that kept me going was… Insanity.

But during this humble experience, I made a promise…

I promised that if trading ever did bring some form of financial independence to my life, I would make sure that I share what exactly worked for me and why…

18 years later… That’s what I’m doing for one reason –

I don’t want you to go through the same
struggle that I went through.

Today, I want to cut your steep-learning curve by more than five years, take the guesswork out of your trading and remove any form of worry, panic or stress whenever you take a trade again.


Our First Mission Is To create

1,000 Millionaire Traders


To Live Life With Freedom

& Independence by 2030


Will you be one of them?

With this invitation I want you to join me on the most profitable opportunity you can possibly take – this decade.

If you read everything I’m about to propose to you today, you’ll be set for life…

This method of income generating is the most simple, cost-effective and less time-consuming way to make money.

And you’ll need no more, than just 10 minutes a week to do this.

If I have been able to do this for the last two decades, I know you can achieve this as well.

But first, I have a confession…


The Brutal Truth About What

Successful Traders Want


Take a guess…

Money? Cars? First Class plane tickets?

No… This is NOT what they want.

You can achieve this through a normal 9-5 job.

You can achieve this through saving money for years on end.

You can achieve this from starting your own business and working your way up.

Successful traders want something far deeper and MUCH more meaningful.

Here’s the brutal truth about what truly successful traders want:

We DON’T want more than two screens
We want the FREEDOM to travel the world with nothing more than a laptop.

We DON’T want a complex system
We want a SIMPLE system to follow and get on with our day.

We DON’T want to be glued to our computers all day
We want the FREEDOM that only requires 10 minutes a week – MAX.

We DON’T want to wear suits and sit with other traders
We want the FREEDOM to wear whatever the hell we want, and wherever we want.

So, what’s the one thing truly successful traders want?


And I want the same for you…

Sound good?

All YOU need, is to have your mobile phone at the ready.

Then it’s all about using it to create your freedom…


I Owe My Life’s Career To

One Simple System…


I’ve dedicated my entire life to creating, improving and trading this one easy and profitable system – The MATI Trader System.

Without it, I wouldn’t be able to provide for my family, travel anywhere in the world and help over 257,000 people over the last 18 years.

And now I am dedicating my life to help share it with YOU and other dedicated traders, where we can all profit together – FOREVER…

I’m here to show you how it can do the same for you!

Here’s a taster of how the system has performed.


You can see with a starting R100,000 how it multiplied into R247,250.

And that’s being conservative.

Frankly, if all goes well, there’s no limit to your financial upside.

You just need to reinvest your winnings – and next thing you know you’re well on your way of becoming a millionaire trader.

Here’s what this system has banked since the start of 2020.

While most traders risk huge amounts of money with no plan, my system is collecting thousands of rands every month…


Your Best Source For Real-Time

Profit Trading Alerts


Here’s what it is in a nutshell:


The Premium MATI Trader Service is an online 

email service for anyone looking for live

weekly buy and sell trade signals to

profit on the go from both local & international

stocks, Forex, indices & crypto-currencies.

Now you might be thinking,

“Why on earth does Timon want to send out flash buy and sell trading signals based on his MATI Trader System?”

One simple reason.

I would’ve wanted another trader to do the same thing for me.

After all, there are trillions of rands traded in the markets every single day – so there is more than enough to go around for all of us!

That’s why I am proud to announce and introduce you to my most elite and exclusive service to date:

When you’re a member of The Premium MATI Trader Service:




This is what it’s all about…

Each week, I’ll send you an immediate and real-time high probability trade alert sent to your email.

You’ll be able to profit from these trading opportunities, in less than 10 minutes a week, whether the market rises or falls.

With any trade buy or sell alert you receive, you’ll:

      Know what market to trade & why.

      Get precise entry & exit price levels

      See an easy to visualise chart setup.

NOTE: Each high probability trade signal will be sent, using my 20-year proven and profitable MATI Trader System.

Here’s an example of a flash buy trade alert email you’ll get:


This is the next update you’ll receive, once you’re in your trade.

All you need to know, is when you get this email you’ll be able to:

      Lock in trading profits & cut losses.

      Increase the number of winning trades.

      See how your current trades are performing.

      Cut out the extra anxiety & stress when holding a trade.

Here are two follow-up actionable emails you’ll receive:



You’ll also receive an exclusive trading high definition visual & audio webinar, at least once every two weeks.

With it, you’ll be able to live your laptop life-style, trade anywhere in the world or watch these videos in the comfort of your own home.

These live webinars will help you:

Learn insider trading tips and strategies.

Remove the stress & boost your trading confidence.

Discover new profitable trades lining up for the week.



This is the most important booklet I can give you…


Nothing is kept secret:


Keep it close…


This will be your reference guide, to ensure your success with The Premium MATI Trader Service

In this quick and easy guide, I will outline:


 How to start trading & make a success from the financial markets.

A simple routine to spot high probability trades.

A 5-step checklist to action each trade perfectly.

This booklet alone will reveal everything you need to transform from an aspiring trader to a highly successful trader.


 In this complete and illustrated guide, you’ll learn:

How to make up to over 10 times more money when a market’s price moves.

Never risk more than 2% of your portfolio per trade.

Level up your trading skills and success throughout the service.


My specially designed risk calculators will help you: 


Fast-track your success with a trading journal.

Know exactly how much to buy & sell with your ever growing portfolio.


We have two of the most ideal, regulated, award-winning and secure brokers you can choose from to sign up with and profit from The Premium MATI Trader Service.

You’ll also find one highly recommended charting platform with a full guide on how to open a free demo account, trade it and prepare for your trading career before you commit a cent into trading… 

Live Your Laptop Lifestyle With


A 10 Minute Work Week

Whether you’re enjoying your first coffee in the morning, on your lunch break, have a couple of minutes a day to spare when you get home – YOU CAN DO THIS. 


Even if you’re lying on your bed, sitting on your couch, at the train station, chilling at your friend’s place, this will work on your phone, tablet, laptop or any other device with an internet connection. 


I have a quick 5-step checklist you can follow, for every time you get an email from me…

Never Miss A Trade Again

5-Step Checklist To Take The Perfect Trade

If you can follow a simple step-by-step process, you can start making these profits, as soon as possible.


All you need to do is follow a:

5-Step Checklist With Each Trade Email Alert You Receive

NOTE: In the “Welcome Guide” you’ll learn in detail how these five simple steps work and how you can become a proficient trader using your phone, tablet or computer…

Before you know it, these steps will become second nature… 

You’ll just need to tell me where I should send your trading alerts to.

What Brokers DON’T


Want You To Know

Nowadays, you can easily find stock research houses and trading companies selling ‘trading reports’ with tons of trading ideas. 

They can average from around R10,000 up to R27,500 per year…

Not only that but they dish out information like:

Macro-economic commentary.

Over-complicated indicator analyses.

Information with unnecessary and over the head English.

Problem is, these services are main stream where most of these analysts don’t even put their money where their mouths are…


So if they aren’t confident enough to buy or sell from their own analyses, why would you risk your hard earned money?


Do you know where they are making their money?


~ Selling over R17,000 annual subscriptions

~ Commissions from 1% up to 5% every time a member takes a trade based on a trade analysis

 ~ Recommended fees for each client that signs up with a broker


They most definitely do NOT have your best interest in mind, ever..


That’s why I’m putting my foot down today.

It’s time to make smarter, more profitable and better decisions for your future…

My only bosses are YOU 

and my members

There are no long winded complicated financial reports, no complicated indicator or hidden agenda analyses with the emails you receive from me…

I will not accept any advertisement income from companies…


I also will NOT make a single cent in commission on the trades I send out either…


You’ll be getting simple buy and sell trading recommendations, following a simple methodology I’ve followed over the last two decades.


And the small fee I’m about to propose, will mostly help:

  • Improve market research for the service.

  • Upper the quality of content and videos.

  • Change the 5% of winning traders to at least 25%.

This service, easily has a yearly value of at least R17,550.

But as I mentioned above…


No way will I ever put that kind of price and pressure on you..


That’s why…

For a limited time, you can grab this one-of-a-kind Premium MATI Trader Service for ONLY R2,500 pa… 

During the COVID-19 National Lockdown, I’ve decided to drop the price another R1,000. And if you join today, I’ll secure this discounted price for you for the next five years! That’s basically two years of the Premium MATI Trader Service – FREE. 

This is to make it as affordable as possible, during these trying times, and so you can learn how to trade and profit now that you have more time in the house…   


Every minute you spend waiting, is another profit opportunity you may miss.


So let’s speed this up now, because there is only one final thing you need to know.

You’re 100% Protected By A

Lifetime Special Deal!

I will be taking a HUGE financial risk, where I could lose hundreds of thousands of rands…

I will not pocket a cent of your money unless we earn it.

Remember, I’m doing this for the love and passion I have to help people make an honest and second income…

If you’re not on the path to building your income and creating your financial freedom – I don’t want your money…

You can claim every cent of the subscription fee back into your account, for the one year you ask for your money back…


I’m not talking about a 5 day, 10 day, 30 day or even a 90 day Money-Back Guarantee.

I will give you a…

You could make more than enough money to cover the annual cost of the service – and then ask for your money back…

This guarantee holds forever because, that’s how confident I am with how this service will help deliver your second income.

All good? Great…

Let’s recap everything…

Here’s what you’ll receive with


The Premium MATI Trader Service:

For a tiny annual admin fee of R3,500 R2,500, you get full access to everything I have listed above.  


Once you click the button below, you’ll also be able to review your complete order before anything is processed.


Once you click the button below, you’ll also be able to review your

complete order before anything is processed.

Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and invitation.


Any day now, you’ll receive your next trading signal or communication via email which will help you grow your trading account, whether the markets rise or fall…


Click the button below NOW and you’ll be taken to an easy secure registration form, where you can review and secure your spot to start creating your financial freedom…

I look forward to working for you essentially for free.




Timon Rossolimos
Founder, The Premium MATI Trader Service
September, 2020



Q. “What kind of trading strategy
do you use
to spot trades?”


I use a simple: Five break-out pattern and three risk management rule strategy.

Here are five trades that worked out according to the strategy in the past.


Q. “Is the ordering process secure and safe?”


Yes it is fast, safe and 100% secure as we are using the latest complex encryption technology which will protect your data throughout the entire ordering process.

Also, if you’re not 100% sure with Internet ordering yet, you can simply pay through an EFT and once you send the Proof Of Payment, I will send you the everything you need to start profiting from the Premium MATI Trader Service.

You can send us a blank email by clicking here to


Q. “How much money do I need to start trading?”


Anything really.

If you’re looking to work up your skills, build your confidence and test out The Premium MATI Trader Service first, you can start with a free demo-trading account and not risk any money at all.

The markets will always be here, for when you’re ready to go live.

If you have some savings to start trading with, then I would suggest a minimum account of R5,000 to R1,000,000 – but it really is up to you and what you’re comfortable with.


Q. “How long until I start making money from The Premium MATI Trader Service?”


It could be any day really — I can’t answer this with certainty.

When the market is trending and showing strong volume, you are guaranteed to bank a string of winners which will grow your trading account.


Q. “When can I expect new trading signals?”


My goal with The Premium MATI Trader Service is QUALITY not QUANTITY! If the market is favourable and firing out high probability trades, you can easily receive at least one trading signal per week.

When the market is not in a favourable territory, you may only receive a trade once every 10 working days.

Luckily, during the communication emails I’ll be able to guide you through it all.


Q. “Why do you offer a life-time guarantee and not a normal 30-day money-back guarantee?”


After 18 years of making a living with the MATI Trader System, I would find it a total disservice to offer you a limited money-back guarantee. That’s why this forever guarantee is ‘performance-based’ rather than ‘time-based’. If you can simply send one email with your account statement showing 20 trades that you took with The Premium MATI Trader Service with:

1. Reasons for entering your trades

2. Markets entered

3. Date entered

4. Entry levels

5. Stop loss levels

6. Take profit levels

If you did not manage to make a positive return within those 20 consecutive trades, you can not only claim every cent of your money back for the year you request a refund, but also – you can keep the entire “Welcome Pack” and videos – FREE. I’ve never been more confident in my strategy and how it can deliver a consistent and eventually a primary income for you.


Q. “What do I need to make this service profitable?”


I bet you already have them including:

      You NEED an email account.

      You NEED 10 minutes a week to follow a quick instruction.

      You NEED a laptop or computer with an Internet connection.

That’s it…


Q. “Are other customers making money with the MATI Trader System?”


Most definitely. Out of the eight years I’ve run live trading services and seminars from different companies, I have never had a negative year…

And out of the 257,000 people I’ve had the honour of teaching, thousands of customers have told us about the monthly profits they’ve made.

We have already managed to have such a positive impact on people’s lives …

“I must say, I never thought I would find something that is easy, affordable and possible to make
huge profits from small moves in the market”
~ J. P

You have changed everything… Thanks for my comfortable life my friend.”
~ Chris Weitsz

“I learnt how to be a consistently profitable trader”
~ Vhuthuhawe

“Timon has given me the breakthrough to start trading.”
~ T.N

“Timon you’re a rock star. I just banked R8,000 profit”
~ F.H

“According to my calculations, I’ve just made 154%. Thank you and keep up the good work!”
~ C

I have already made gains of 82%, I will definitely continue.”
~ N.H

“I made a 21% return and R3,000 in a few days. In my next trade I made a 28% return in 10 days. Thank you!”
~ Don W


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