Why the World is Not Ready for Virtual Reality – 9 Reasons

by | Sep 10, 2023

Virtual Reality (VR) has long been the stuff of science fiction dreams.

It promises to transport us to new worlds, revolutionize industries, and redefine entertainment.

And while the technology has made significant strides in recent years, the world still has not yet adapted to it.

There are still many challenges that hinder its widespread adoption.

In this article, we will explore why the world is not yet ready for virtual reality.

  1. High Cost

One of the most significant barriers to VR adoption is its high cost.

High-quality VR equipment, including headsets, controllers, and powerful computers, can set users back a substantial amount of money.

VR headsets go from any from $500 up to $2,000.

It’s great for the upper class, but is still a major financial burden for others.

And then, once you have a VR headset. There is the next upgrade which will most likely cost more…

  1. Limited Availability

VR technology is not readily available to everyone.

You can’t just find it at any electronic store.

And most of them are bought online.

In fact most 3rd world and developing countries still lack access to VR hardware and experiences.

Until VR becomes more accessible, its growth will be stunted.

  1. Motion Sickness

This one affected me at first.

And it took some time to adapt to the VR world.

But for others, motion sickness is an ongoing issue where many won’t be able to adapt.

This is particularly problematic for gaming and entertainment.

  1. Weight of the VR

The darn thing is still heavy and bulky.

And if you wear them for an extended period you’ll feel the heaviness and comfortability.

This discomfort will likely cause many to give up with VR itself.  


  1. Lack of Content

I remember in 2015, VR had amazing content.

Education from museums, videos and interactive learning apps.

And yet, despite significant advancements, there is still a lack of compelling content in the VR space.

You get what there is.

Many users find themselves with limited options and may quickly exhaust available experiences.

For VR to thrive, it needs a diverse and continuously expanding library of high-quality educational and entertaining content.

  1. Social Isolation

No matter what, VR is a very isolated activity.

When users immerse themselves in a virtual world, they often disconnect from their physical surroundings and those around them.

This isolation can be detrimental to social interactions and human connections.

And is one of the reasons for its downside of the technology.

  1. Learning Curve

Using VR technology needs a steep learning curve.

All the buttons, features how to use the hand motions.

To become accustomed to this requires time, patience and a guide to the navigation controls.

This learning curve can put off people into thinking it’s too complex or time-consuming.


  1. Limited Battery

Most VR headsets rely on batteries to power their operations.

And right now there is a limit of only 2 hours, before you need to recharge the device.

This will lead to interruptions and stress knowing of the limited time VR has.

 And this lowers the satisfaction levels.


  1. Lack of Compatibility

The VR landscape is fragmented, with various devices and platforms competing for dominance.

Some VR  devices aren’t compatible with certain softwares, games, apps and features.

This limitation will continue to have a detrimental effect on the users experience.


Final worlds.

So does VR still have a big role in the future?


The more they work on these limitations and issues, the more users will feel more compelled to coming back into the immersive world.

It’s still in its infant stage, but with tech advancements still being worked on – this is NOT the last time you’ve heard about VR and it’s amazing capabilities.

When they adapt more business and financial elements and opportunities for people to bring financial, education and entertaining value – we’ll then see a BOOM in VR.

Why do you think the World is not ready for VR yet?


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