Why it PAYS to be a PATIENT trader

by | Apr 22, 2024

Patience isn’t just a virtue.

Patience is your portfolio’s best friend.

Now you might think that patience is just sitting on your hands and doing nothing.

It’s not!

It’s about taking the time to prepare, analyse and wait for when the moment arrives. If you are a Day trader with Supreme MATI Trader – you know that an opportunity can present within the next hour.

And that’s why you have to keep your eyes peeled and ready to take on the big bad market.

So here are 5 reasons why it pays to be a patient trade.

🚦 #1: Stops You From Making Impulsive Decisions

Ever caught yourself hitting the ‘buy’ button for the sake of taking a trade?

You’re not alone.

Impulse is the enemy of reason, and in trading, it’s the fast track to a thinner wallet.

Remember, the market will always be there tomorrow, but the same can’t be said for your capital.

Impulsive decisions normally yields LOW probability trades. And that’s a reason in itself to STOP doing it.

Why take the risk?

🔍 #2: Helps You Spot High Probability Trades

The markets speak to those who listen.

Patience gives you the superpower to cut through the noise and hone in on high-probability trades.

It’s like having a financial crystal probability ball.

Instead of predictive qualities, you’re armed with analysis, trends, and a likelihood of how a trade is more likely to play out.

Remember, more trades from all types of markets don’t mean more wins.

Often, they just mean more fees, more stress and more losses.

🤲 #3: Hold Onto Winners

Got a winner in play?


Patience says, “Hold it, let’s ride this wave a bit longer.”

It’s the difference between a quick sprint and a marathon.

Sure, locking in profits feels good and it looks promising on the portfolio.

But in the medium to long run, it’s a traders kryptonite to defeat.

Trading patience whispers in your ear,

“There’s more to come,” and more often than not, it’s right.

🧠 #4: Takes Away Fixation

Obsession is a trader’s Achilles heel.

Patience frees you from the chains of market fixation.

This will allow you to take a step back, focus on other things and not get hung up on every markets ticks.

Stop fixating on your trades once you’re in.

You have the strategy in play, you have risk and reward levels setup.

Let them be and follow your strategy (regardless of whether it’s a winner or a loser).

🐆 #5: Wait for the Prey

In the wild, the most successful predators are those that can wait, watch, and pounce at the perfect moment.

A leopard will wait for hours in the tall grass. But when the probability is high and the leopard has done its instinctual calculations – it will pounce and WIN.

You’re not chasing every gazelle; you’re waiting for the right one, the one that’s worth the energy.

It’s about being proactive, not reactive.

You set your terms, your entry, and exit points, and then you wait.

The market will move; it always does. And when it moves into your crosshairs, that’s when you strike.

So let’s sum up the reasons it pays to be a patient trader.

🚦 #1: Stops You From Making Impulsive Decisions

🔍 #2: Helps You Spot High Probability Trades

🤲 #3: Hold Onto Winners

🧠 #4: Takes Away Fixation

🐆 #5: Wait for the Prey



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