Why isn’t trading working for you?

by | May 10, 2021

Even with the right markets, time frames, systems, rules and ideas…

Trading is just not playing out you the way you thought it would.

It’s not growing your portfolio at the rate you wished…

It’s taking forever to get right…

It’s overwhelming and you don’t know which strategy to choose…

From my experience this is because of one reason.

You’re not treating trading for what it is…

Let’s REMIND you…

    TRADING IS… A fun hobby

Trading isn’t a tiring job where you need to sit for hours countlessly looking at a screen.
It’s also not a job where you need to be cramped up in a cold room, sitting on an uncomfortable chair, wearing a suffocating ‘noose’ I mean tie, around your neck while you’re waiting for the next pay-cheque.
If that was the case, I would have stopped trading 19 years ago.
Trading should be treated as a fun hobby.
With this hobby…
You don’t need a lot of time (half an hour a week will do just fine).
You don’t need a lot of effort. (Just a few click of the buttons and a few simple grade-8 maths calculations).
You don’t need to worry and stress yourself out. (Opportunities come every day, you can manage your own risk and no one is watching over your shoulder.)
In other words this is one opportunity which will give you:
More free time, Less work and a hobby that will consistently pay you.

   TRADING IS… A patience game 

When you’re enjoying a hobby, you look forward to doing it the next day.
It’s like anything you enjoy…
Watching TV, playing sports, eating your favourite snacks or even having sex…
You’ll adapt, incorporate and most importantly look forward to the next time you do it.
And the more you do it, the more you’ll improve, the better you’ll get and the easier it will become.
Trading is a patience game.
The longer you spend the time and days working on it and improving, the faster, better, and more powerful of a trader you will become.
And this will lead to one outcome – Financial Independence.

   TRADING IS… Ever evolving 

This isn’t your run on the mill, rat-race kind of hobby.
This is one heck of an interesting, exciting and thrilling activity that changes so quickly.
Every day, week, month and year you’ll to learn a ton of trading tips and lessons.

That’s because the markets are always, changing, evolving, adapting and are even suprising… 
They evolve with:

  • Ever-changing market conditions.

  • New financial markets added to the exchanges.

  • New created instruments to incorporate i.e. Crypto- currencies, ETFs, CFDs etc…

  •  New mega-trends driving new global demand i.e. Electric cars, Cannabis, NFTs, Dogecoin (To the moon) Smart contracts and Extended Mixed Reality.  

   TRADING IS… A lonely journey

This is one hobby, where YOUR success entirely depends on YOU.
This won’t work if you’re asking your family, friends, dogs and even strangers for their opinions on what to buy and sell.
This won’t work if you’re listening to the random billionaire analyst on Bloomberg talking about what they have in their portfolios.
This won’t work if you’re scrolling on Facebook for an individual’s trading prediction. (INCLUDING MINE).
No! With your system, your money and your time – You need to trade alone and on your own terms…
You know what will make you money?
Taking more trades according to YOUR criteria.
Listening to YOUR rules according to YOUR strategy.
Spending more of YOUR time, improving on executing trades well.
Notice the word YOUR… Not others, not him, not her – YOU…
So take trading for what it is and enjoy the process.
TRADING IS… A fun hobby
TRADING IS… A patience game
TRADING IS… Ever evolving
TRADING IS… A lonely journey

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