Why going to gym is like trading well

by | Feb 20, 2022

Let me ask you something.

So you want to be a trader right?

You want to make an income for a living.

And yet most people start trading and feel they have to do what they can to retire the next week.

This is like going to gym for the first time, picking up the heaviest weights, pumping the protein in your body and expecting a 12 pack the next day.

Doesn’t work like that.

In this article, I’m going to explain why going to gym is like trading well.

You got to put in the work

When you finally decide to commit to gymming, you’re dedicating a life of pure dedication, effort, time and a new lifestyle.

You adapt a strict and consistent routine and have the discipline to sweat and repeat for the next day.

Trust me I know. I’ve been gymming four times a week for almost two decades, and it’s been trying but rewarding.

Later in life you, you realise a few things like.

Oh wait, I can see a six pack.

My muffin tops are becoming cupcakes.

My stomach isn’t pressing on my cell phone’s buttons like before.

I can actually climb a flight of stairs without heaving!

I see progress!

Same goes with trading.

You need to decide to commit one day. Have a specific routine in the day or week and follow your strategy.

For example, three times a week at night I like to load up my trading charts and carefully scan through my entire watch list.

I do this to see, if any trades are lining up for tomorrow. Then I set my entry, stop loss and take profit levels.

Before you know it, it becomes second nature.

Pick up heavy weights when things are too easy for you

Then when you’re starting to get used to your gym routine, unfortunately you need to upper the levels.

You need to pick up heavier weights, learn new machines and workouts and even upper your cardio levels.

This is what you need to get stronger, be leaner and see faster results.

With trading, you need to pick up your game to become richer.

I don’t mean risk more relative to your portfolio. If you risk 2% on a trade, keep it at that. Never risk more.

But you can start to deposit more into your account.

So instead of risking a mere R200 off a R10,000 account, you can risk R2,000 off a R100,000 account.

The more money you deposit into your account, the faster and bigger your account will grow.

Don’t over train, don’t over trade

Remember, I told you to not just go all out at the gym in the beginning.

The reason is, you’ll pull a muscle, lead to a slipped disk, you’ll tire yourself out.

Training is a marathon and you need to follow the process incrementally.

With trading, you need to have a similar mindset.

Don’t take too many trades at once. Don’t risk your entire portfolio out of the hopes you’ll grow your account faster. Also, never have more than 5 – 8 trades opened at once.

And if you feel stressed not knowing whether you’re doing the right job to grow your account, then there are two things you can do.

Back and forward test a trading strategy until you see exactly the results you can expect in the future. This can take a few months, to get right but it’s essential.

Or you can take the shortcut, and follow the trades I take on a weekly basis… This way you’ll get the full reasoning, trade levels as well as the strategy for you to learn.

Then when you’re ready to go on your own, then by all means. At least you would have been guided the right way to trade well.

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 If you enjoyed the article or found it a tad useful, let me know by emailing info@timonandmati.com

Trade well, live free.

Timon Rossolimos

Founder, MATI Trader



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