Where to Invest your Money in 2021

by | Jul 26, 2021

It looks like travelling and going on holiday is out again this year.

This gives you the one opportunity, you’ve needed to learn how to trade well – For once and for all.

Instead of spending on alcohol, partying, watches and fancy shmanzy stuff –

Invest in your future.

You will thank yourself and will be proud you took the step to become the trader you want to be in 2021.

So here’s where you should invest your money in the rest of the year.


To develop the right mindset as a trader, I believe you need to understand what makes the markets tick.

You need to understand what causes different market environments.

You need to understand why technical analysis is a probabilities game rather than a prediction game.

To do this, you should open your mind to read about other traders.

I know most MATI Trader’s have read my book and believe that’s all they need to trade. But it’s still good to get an idea on what else is out there.  

Open an Amazon account, and type in Technical analysis and Trading books.

Download one at a time, and you’ll be amazed at the different levels of trading that exist in the world.


As I wrote last week, your health is priority. What you put into your body is how you will feel for the rest of the day.

And you need to feel great as a trader, or psychologically, the market will feel it’s out to get you.

Eat well and you will trade well.


I don’t think you understand how important psychology is as a trader.

If you are pessimistic or angry by nature, it will reflect onto your trading.

If you wake up in a shit mood, trust me you won’t be in the right frame of mind to trade.

If you take a loss, you will want to throw your keyboard out the window. If you bank a profit you might still throw your keyboard out the window because anger excitement is also another thing.

Be kinder to yourself. Don’t swear if you don’t need to. Don’t create mountains from mole hills and get angry over anything.

Remember this. He who angers you, conquers you.


When you are sitting at your desk, you are the boss.

No one is supervising you and no one is giving you a gold star on your head when you do something right or giving you a warning when you do something wrong.

You are responsible for every financial decision you make.

So do you feel worthy to follow your system?

Do you feel worthy to take the time needed to grow your business?

Do you feel worthy to trust the process?

If so, then keep investing in yourself and you will find trading will become a second nature way of building your future.

Hope you enjoyed this article.

I’m out.

Trade well and look after yourself,

Timon Rossolimos

Founder, MATI Trader



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