What you need to Begin Trading

by | Sep 11, 2022

I want to help you start trading the right way.


And even though you have embarked on this journey to financial freedom.


You STILL need to take the first step.


Some of these elements you might have already adapted, and others you are working on.


But no matter what.


Let’s just ultimately confirm you have everything you need to begin trading…


#1: Computer and internet


Many people want to trade on their phones, but I find this cumbersome.


The small numbers and ways to make errors, are numerous.


Instead, make sure you have a computer (desktop or laptop).


You’ll find it’s easier to actually execute a trade with precision.


#2: Trading platform (broker)


Make sure you choose a broker who offers:


  1. CFDs or spread betting

  2. Wide variety of markets to trade (Local and international shares, indices, Forex, commodities etc).

  3. Easy to use and visualise trading platform

  4. Your trading broker must have features to input your trading levels.

Entry (The price to get in)

Stop loss (The risk price to get you out should the trade move against you)

Take profit (The reward price to get you out should the trade move in your favour)


There are many more elements to choose your broker and if you want the full book I wrote for Free just send me a blank email by clicking here at timon@timonandmati.com.


#3: Charting platform


Some brokers offer fantastic charting platforms. And others offer not so great platforms… If you want a FREE and incredible charting platform, then click here to get started with TradingView…


I’ve written a  complete How-To-Guide to get you signed up ASAP.


This way you can track, chart, draw and annotate on your charting setups. Click here to download the updated guide now and read later…


#4: Fund your account


You might not want to trade real money yet, as you’re still learning.


But I must say it’s more reliable and better to fund an account with a broker who you will be trading with in the future.


The reason is… They will provide you with more features, services, markets, news and your experience will feel more real.


If you want to fund an account with one of our top brokers you can click here.


NOTE: If you sign up with them today and fund your account, you will automatically receive a FREE ticket to the Complete Commodity Trading Course coming up this Saturday…


#5: Create or adopt a trading strategy


You’ll then need to have a proven and profitable trading strategy which has pre-defined trading levels (Entry, Exit and Risk Management rules).


#5: Back and Forward test


If you decide to create and go through the laborious process of developing your own system, you’ll need to back test 20 trades, forward test 20 trades and then live test 20 trades.


This can take up to 1 and a half years to get right… If you want to adopt my 20 year old proven and profitable trading strategy that has helped thousands of Premium Members become consistently wealthy then you can go here to get it and work on it…


All my secrets, tips, criteria, cheatsheet and saving you years of hard work, just one-click away…  


#6: Journal and track your success


You’ll need to have a spreadsheet or tool to track, monitor, analyse and to keep up with your trading strategy’s results…


This needs statistics like your:


  • Win rate

  • Average winner

  • Average loser

  • of winners

  • of losers

  • Total profits

  • And more metrics…


Note: You’ll get this journal template when you receive the MATI Trader System.


#7: Gain extra tips and information


Knowledge is power.


But applied knowledge is true power.


If you want to follow my FREE trading tips, analyses, tools, and strategies in a special channel, you can click here and click subscribe…


#7: Keep at it…


Trading is not for everyone.


And the reason is because NOT everyone has the passion, patience and persistence to keep going for the rest of their lives…


If you believe this will be a fun and profitable hobby and that you will keep going and keep trying – YOU WILL SUCCEED.






It will take a bit of time and effort, but in the end it will be very much worth it…


I trust this beginners guide to trading will help you kick off to a great start…


Now go back to the beginning and read this again slowly…


Save it, print it or take photos with your phone…


And follow each step…


Trade well, Live free.


Timon Rossolimos

Founder, MATI Trader

Trade well, live free.

Timon Rossolimos

Founder, MATI Trader



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