What is stopping you from success?

by | Oct 31, 2021

We are living in completely different times.

In some ways they are good and others, well, rather sad.

In a global and capitalistic society, we aren’t going out as much anymore. Whether it is to our friendly butcher, hairdresser or even the local grocer.

Instead, we are going to the largest super markets for just about all of our groceries and household items.

This means, we don’t communicate and chat to our local community.

This has set off a chain reaction in many ways…

We depend less on people, we spend less time at the office, we are losing the human touch of society and what it means to be alive.

Instead, we are finding more excuses to just stay home, not get up in the mornings, not dress up as we used to. We also chill a lot more and procrastinate with just about everything.

Something major needs to change, if you want change.

You need to act right now, before the years continue to blink away.  

Whether you want to start a business, trade, invest, build a crypto portfolio or get into real-estate…

I’m going to go through 8 things that is stopping you from success…

I’m not going to give you any solutions. Instead, I’m going to help plant a seed, and maybe your subconscious will know exactly how to help you…

#1: Same old routine

You wake up each morning, knowing exactly how your day is going to go. No fireworks, no sparks, no changes…

Just plain routine…

Something needs to change.

#2: Self-doubt

You have many ideas to change your life around.

But knowing how the world works and how most people are just not on board – it is making you feel doubt for anything working in the future.

#3: Procrastination

You’re delaying the most important things you need to do.

Instead, you’re fixing this, cooking that, you’re watching this on Netflix, you’re catching up on hours of social media…

Then it’s too late to do what you planned to do, so you delay it until tomorrow…

#4: No big idea

You have ideas but no big idea to blow the socks off the world yet.

You’re thinking like the average joe when it comes to business and entrepreneurship.

When I started MATI Trader in 2018, I didn’t have billions of dollars of start up costs, major IT ideas or anything near developments as other companies – but my passion and commitment made me take my first step.

Just food for thought.

#5: No support

You’re at this alone. You’re doing everything without a strong team or partner.

And the people that have the skills just want cold cash NOT caring about whether you succeed or not.

Sometimes, one needs to be soul driver in what they create to build what they wish to succeed in.  

#6: Laziness

Ok this one is one I don’t fully believe in… I don’t think it’s laziness. I think it is more insecurity, self-doubt without a clear plan on execution.

We are all bloody perfectionists and if it’s not done 100% right, then we don’t want to do it right?

Mistakes and failures are major drivers to success.

#7: No money

How much money do you need to start what you want to do?

$10,000 or $1,000,000?

The most important aspect that it takes to start a company, venture, trading career etc… is not MONEY…

It is the work, time and effort to BUILD and have a clear strategy and plan for the get go.

It took me an entire year to start MATI Trader, even though I’ve traded since 2003.

It took me 5 years to get trading right, with a lot of trial and error.

It did NOT take a lot of money to start with anything…

#8: No skills & talent

You feel you’re not good enough to go at it.

You feel everyone is just so much better, smarter, richer and have higher energy…

I believe in one thing…

If it’s working for you, you love it and you KNOW you have value to share – people will come, people will listen and eventually people will pay.

And if it comes to investment, trading and real estate.

If you love it, you want to achieve it and you have the drive to keep at it – You will only get better. And you will ACHIEVE ANYTHING.

 If you enjoyed the article or found it a tad useful, let me know by emailing info@timonandmati.com

Trade well and look after yourself,

Timon Rossolimos

Founder, MATI Trader



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