TRADING – Is it for you?

by | Jun 21, 2021

I got to say it now…

Trading is NOT for everyone.

Not because they can’t do it, or because it’s hard – but rather…

Trading is something that only a few will feel passionate to do for the rest of their lives…

I say this because there are many things that I could do well in, make a huge income from, but I unfortunately don’t enjoy.

For example, Poker, horse-racing and sports bets, real-estate, portfolio manager, business consultant…

Don’t feel ashamed nor feel something is wrong with you.

Instead, embrace your personality and work towards what is your OWN calling and passion.

In this article, well find out if trading is for you…

Out of 15 things I’ll mention today, write down YES or NO for each one…

Let’s go…

YES or NO?

  1. Are you a good decision maker?  
  2. Are you proud to be called a financial trader?  
  3. Do you enjoy looking at charts and indicators?  
  4. Can you handle a bunch of losing trades in a row?  
  5. Do you have the will-power to trade every week?  
  6. Do you enjoy reading fundamentals with markets?  
  7. Can you handle losses on a weekly / monthly basis?  
  8. Do you enjoy learning more about local and global markets?  
  9. Is it in your personality to deal with short term market moves?  
  10. Do you have the ability to NOT listen to other people and the news?  
  11. Do you have the patience to wait for the market to hit your trading levels?  
  12. Can you follow strict criteria without steering away from your proven strategy?  
  13. Do you enjoy looking up statistics and probabilities with portfolio management?  
  14. Are you able to deposit a portion of your savings into your portfolio each month?
  15. Do you have the discipline to follow and improve one trading strategy in your life?

If you counted less than 10, the big question is…

 Do you think you can train and educate yourself to fix those items and turn them into yes’s?

It’s a short but powerful article, and now you need to do your part.

Count the number of YES’s and send me an email to so we can accelerate your trading performance.

Trade well and look after yourself,

Timon Rossolimos

Founder, MATI Trader



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