Three Awkward Stages of Every Successful Trader

by | Dec 7, 2020

There are three awkward stages that every successful trader will go through.  

You can’t escape them.  

And let me warn you. The more successful you become the more awkward the stages get.  

Let’s get to them.  

You are ridiculed

First when you start out as a trader, you get nothing but doubt from everyone around you.  

You hear things like 

“It’s a scam” 
“You’ll blow your account”
“You won’t last long” 
“Get a real career” 

This stage is purely based on one reason. Those who doubt you are either not traders and are clueless or they failed on their asses and are now basing their failure on others.  

This can be quite demoralizing for you when you just get started.

Also this is the starting stage where you’re trying to find your feet.

I’d suggest you go where you are appreciated, rather than tolerated and ridiculed. 

Find a community of members that are starting out and a group that have been through the trial and error and are now succeeding. 

Once you’ve passed the ridicule stage, it doesn’t get any better just yet.

You are attacked

This to me is the worst stage.  

Because as you’re finding your trading personality and risk profile, other traders get all up in your business.  

They tell you how wrong you are.  They tell you how you’re not making any money and worse they gang up on you.  

I remember in 2009, I was doing ok as a trader. I joined a couple of groups on Skype and Facebook.  

And when I were to buy a trade (based on my strategy), the rest of the members attacked me by saying how wrong I was and that I’m going to lose all my money.  

And I just felt out of place by being called the contrarian of the group.

I never attacked their analyses, I never tried to bring them down and I never interfered with their trading.  

I was then kicked out of many of these groups and was referred to as an emotionless robot.  

This once again left me as the loner trader with no community to relate to.  

Don’t worry about these people.

Most of them have blown their accounts by now or are mindless brokers who just buy and sell for other people cause they don’t know how to trade.  

Keep going and just keep trading.  You’re doing well and don’t need this negativity.  

And then you’ll enter another awkward stage once you’ve progressed as a trader.

You are ignored



You can make a living as a trader for over a decade. You can be at the maturity phase of your trading.  

You can be a multi-millionaire. 

But you’re still going to be ignored, by a number of groups. 

First, you’ll be ignored by pretty much all of the people who attacked you in the second stage.  

Second, you’ll be ignored by the egotistical traders just starting out and think they know better.  

Third, you’ll be ignored by nearly ALL of the trading companies that sell the false dream of making millions as a Forex trader.  

I’ve learnt that everyone wants you to do well, but not better than them.

And I feel very sad for humanity, who think like this.  

I celebrate my all my MATI Traders whether they are new to trading without any money saved up or are multi-millionaires. I even celebrate those who are much wealthier than I am.. 

Because we are all on our own trading journey to success and time. 

Don’t worry about others, just focus on you! 

Go where you are celebrated and that includes with us at MATI Trader.

It was quite tough writing this article today, because I know so many determined and good hearted traders, are going through these three stages.  If you’d like to leave a small comment about today’s article, you’d make my day by emailing me at 

Trade well and look after yourself,

Timon Rossolimos

Founder, MATI Trader