This Young South African Lady is a money-making NFT rockstar*

by | Mar 21, 2021

Her name is Daniella Attfield,

She is a 22-year old South African crypto-artist and fan artist.

She is one artist who has taken full advantage of the digital art world and has been able to share her masterpieces to the world.

With no middlemen, intermediaries, extra costs or taxes – there are no boundaries with the potential you can earn in the crypto-art sphere.

Daniella uses SuperRare to display and sell her dArt collections and illustrations.

Here is what is bidding at the moment.

“Crypto art allows artists to survive off of their creativity and share their artwork with people all over the world. It is truly revolutionary. Artists are always stereotyped as being poor and crypto art breaks this stereotype.”

We’re now going to look at some of the most popular and high value NFTs ever sold – to date…

NFT: Everydays: The First 5,000 Days – artwork by Beeple, $69.4 million


NFT : Crypto Punk – $7.6 million

NFT : Crypto-Kitty – $905,000

The NFT is Dragon the CryptoKitty.

CryptoKitty is a dApp (decentralized app) that allows you to buy and sell a digital token, which represents a unique kitten.

Right now, one of these kitties is valued at 600 ETH (905,000 US dollars).
And every time someone else buys this CryptoKitty, the original owner banks royalties (mind blowing!).

What’s important to note is this.

There are thousands of CryptoKitties around. But they are all unique. They have their own name, eye colour, fur pattern, facial expression and special features.

When you buy one of these furbabies, you gain ownership to the unique, identifiable, non-interchangeable NFT that corresponds with that kitty.

NFT : “1-1-1” digital race car – $622,915

Clearly there are no boundaries with NFTs except the limit of your imagination…

If this has wet your appetite then here are some other examples you could look at to get started with NFTs…

Other NFT examples include:

~ Pokemon cards
~ Gaming characters
~ Virtual real-estate
~ Animations
~ Nike’s clothing
~ Louis Vuitton’s digital NFTs
~ Meme with a flying cat with a Pop-tart body leaving a rainbow trail
~ Digital fashion
~ JPGs
~ GIFs
~ Tweets
~ MP3s (Songs, podcasts or sounds)

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