This affected me – and I’ve been trading for 20 years!

by | Nov 8, 2022

After being in the markets for 20 years.

And running a trader service for 10 years.

It affected my own trading…

All of a sudden the trades I took were watched and monitored by thousands of traders.

And this lead to a number of issues.

Issues that affected me psychologically and even financially.

With trading comes constant losing trades (and a ton of them).

The main goal is to make sure when you bank your losses, they are quick and almost painless (2% each).

When you bank your winners, they need to be larger to make up for any loss.

But the problem lies within the psychology of learning from trader services.

First, people EXPECT winners after winners.

Then when the winners come, the silence takes place. There is no celebration, no happiness but rather an expectation of what trading is about.

4 Months to 8 months – winning!

But then the market enters into a sideways loop and the losses start.

When the losses come – it’s hell fire.

When they take losers, they drop off like flies and go look for other “holy grail” “get-rich-stuff”.

Which still to this day, I have never seen possible without committing a degree of risk.

But we know this.

Humans will be humans.

95% of traders will fail and also…

Losses will ALWAYS feel painful for beginners (under 5 years experience).

However, that’s not the big problem that took place with me.

The problem that took place is the REASON why even with a successful strategy, money management rules and criteria followed – many of my members just didn’t grow their portfolios.

And it all lead to one thing…

Banking winners too soon.

When trades are in the money (profit territory) that’s where the emails come in.

  • Should we lock in profits?

  • Should we raise our stop losses?

  • Can I take profit from here?

  • When are we banking?

Now, I can never ever tell you what to do with your trades and money.


I can ONLY make suggestions on what I would do with my own trading and my own portfolio…

And so, when we locked in trading profits, everyone felt secured, calm and content.

Even I locked in profits with trailing stop losses many times, to make sure the members know that I we take more winners than losers.

The results?

0.4% gain, 0.5% gain, sometimes breakeven.

And the portfolio? Pretty much sideways (for many people).

Because it’s always down to Risk to Reward…

When you adjust your stop loss to lock in profits (you lower the initial reward potential).

And yet, with trading when trades are not going our way – we NEVER lower the risk with a stop loss.

We take the stop loss in its stride.  

And so, ONE lowers the profit potential to lock it in, when we are in profitable positions.

So you bank a 0.5% gain and NEXT time you take a 2% loss.

You bank a 1% gain and with another trade you take another 2% loss.
You bank breakeven to make up the costs and you take a 2% loss.

Do this a couple of hundred times – Your portfolio goes pretty much nowhere and even NEGATIVE!

I would say 30% of my trades, I’ve locked in this year, has been small profits compared to the losses…

Yes, my portfolio is still green and profitable and consistent.

BUT IT’S LESS CONSISTENT. It’s less profitable than what the mechanical results have yielded.

And so, I’m going back to my old ways.

Stubborn, strict, cut-throat, tunnel vision trader.

Those that stay with the Premium Service will thank me at a later stage for making this decision.

Those that leave, because they’re not locking in the profits they want to, you have been WARNED of the realities of successful trading.  

Also, we are in very trying times with the global stock markets volatility that many of my mentors are destroying their accounts because of one word.


If you’re still reading this, it means either you can relate to what I’m saying or you’re learning a very important lesson that might help with your trading performance in the future.

This has been a very serious message that I wanted to share.

“Sometimes locking in small and many profits – ARE DANGEROUS FOR PORTFOLIO GROWTH.”

Write that down and save it somewhere.

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Timon Rossolimos

Founder, MATI Trader



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