The year was 2003.

We were stitting at 180 Degrees restaurant in South Africa.

All of a sudden, a tall man approached us holding a black box.

Who would have thought that this black box would change my life forever.

Here’s what he showed me.

What’s inside the box?

He sat down at the table and told me that he has something that could make me a very decent income.

Obviously, this sparked my curiosity and as a 16 year old naive kid – I told him to show me…

Within the next 10 seconds I was not only uninterested but I was also extremely sceptical.

He opened up his computer, popped in a CD and the next thing I saw was a financial chart of some company.

As I was about to turn him away, he asked me a very simple question.

“Which way is this particular chart moving?”

I said ‘up’.

He then asked, “Which way is this chart more likely to go?”

At first I thought, well it’s going up for a reason so I once again said,


He then showed me the next couple of bars, which continued to head up which he then mentioned, 

“Do you know, if you bought this stock here and sold it in four days you could have banked an income?

I was shocked… Coming from a background from where I thought I was going to make an income being a famous actor – my new love for this hobby was born.

Without any doubt, I bought this box, which at the time was called ‘London School Of Investments’ for R15,000 and I went straight hom to open it up and get started. 

Now I am sure, you’re thinking that the man was not a trader but a very clever salesman who got me into buying this product.

I honestly don’t care… The quality of life, income and passion this man introduced to me has surpassed any of my wildest dreams for life.

What was R500,000 back then – today is free

I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but I don’t plan to sell you anything like that man did…

You see, the evolution of what was available to bank a consistent income from the markets over the years have changed… For the better.

In 2001: There were softwares with live markets to profit from for R500,000.

After 2003: We had 24 hour delayed trading software just like the Black Box for R15,000.

In 2005: had the amazing Amibroker and MetaStock softwares with charting softwares with only 15 minute delays for R7,000 per year

In 2007: There were online platforms with 15 minute delays (mostly from the banks) where you could trade the markets for just R70 per month.

From 2011 – current: There are a high number of live trading online softwares where you can trade for FREE such as,, GT247, BlackStone Futures and even ProTrader…

And I must say, the technology available to trade today is a million times better than the software that was sold for R500,000 or even R15,000.

This is the best time to get into the markets, learn to trade and chage your life for the better just like trading did to me.

If you’re willing to take your first step to introduce this forever income life-style into your life, for my MATI Traders only I am going to give you the first lesson of my comprehensive and complete MATI Trader System Programme – FREE.

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Trade well,

Timon Rossolimos

Founder, MATI Trader

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