The Roadmap from Comfort to Growth Zone

by | Aug 15, 2021

Most people take the easy road of being in a Comfort Zone. 

For this reason, they keep getting the same results and remain in their ‘uncomfortable’ position in life. 

Think about it… 

Those that don’t understand new things, never adapt to something that could change their life for the better. 

Those that keep earning the same old salary, never grow their retirement kitty to the level they wish. 

Those that never throw things away, end up cluttering their life with the old. 

Trading is no different. 

It requires you to step out of your comfort zone in the beginning, to create something that can change your life. 

Besides, great things never came from being in a comfort zone. 

Let’s talk about the stages required to become a Growth Trader.


This is where most people stay. They don’t take the necessary steps to open a trading account, fund it and grow their portfolios. 

Instead, they stay in a feel safe and in control of their non-growing finances. 

I still have members who’ve followed me for 10 years, and haven’t taken ONE single trade.

You need to jump out and take action. 


When you have finally decided to take a leap of trading faith, a whole bunch of new fear with encompass your mind.

  • Will I lose money?

  • Will trading work for me?

  • Will I be able to follow a strategy each day?

  • Will I be on time to trade the markets?

  • What if the market environment is not conducive when I start?

Harness this fear, because it means one thing…



Every loss, gain, rule is a lesson and adaption to entering a NEW zone. 

Every challenge you face, is one less challenge you’ll need to deal with in the future. 

Every difficulty you experience is a skill that you’ll acquire for trading.  

The more you learn about the technical and fundamentals of the financial markets, the higher the level of experience and wisdom you’ll gain as a trader. 

The learning phase is imperative to achieving success in any field…


The accumulated lessons, experience, wisdom, actions and tribulations of repetitive actions – are the foundations to entering into a new comfort zone of GROWTH. 

The difference is… You would have taken the necessary steps to succeed and accomplish your trading goals. 

It will eventually reach the point, where the above zones will help you enter into a conditional and automatic process into your life where trading is nothing more than a continuous habit. 

Once the fear, thrill and uncertainty are removed – only then you’ll realise that the initial comfort zone of inactivity was the uncomfortable phase that took you nowhere…  

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. 

Read that last sentence again. 

Trade well and look after yourself,

Timon Rossolimos

Founder, MATI Trader



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