by | Sep 13, 2021

We live in a world where…

Most people hate Mondays…

Not only that…

They wait 5 days to finally enjoy and live two measly days.

They live for the weekend ONLY.

That’s sad…

But let’s try to conceptualise how lucky you actually are…

Every action that your great, great, great, X 1,000 grandparents did, is the very reason you get to enjoy consciousness and existence in this blip of time.

If just one of them got up to get a glass of water instead, you wouldn’t be around…

Then let’s talk about that one day…

Out of the millions of swimmers in one occasion on one day, you were the winner.


That is a reason alone to celebrate every passing minute of your life.

You won the cosmic lottery…

Then, as life progresses you learn what you like, how to live and who to live with.

You adapt to your idiosyncrasies, tastes, habits and interests…

That’s what makes life a little easier to get through…

And… Technology continues to outperform each year.

We now have ways to communicate online, build our own empires and make an income through different career choices.

Whether you enjoy investing, horse racing, online gambling or my favourite (financial markets trading), you have a multitude of options to choose and benefit from…

And because you’re reading this email today, tells me one thing…

You have that passion, determination and discipline to try out the trading thing…

Am I right?

So what does this have to do with T.G.I.M?

You need to stop saying “I hate Mondays” and start saying…

“Thank God It’s Monday”

Each Monday you start a new journey of life experiences to take you on the path of success, financial freedom and happiness…

Mondays and the rest of the week days, are the days when you have the opportunity to grow your financial position.

Each day you learn, adapt and grow your portfolio, is another day closer to achieving your freedom.

Also, you can ONLY get better.

Find a reason to love Mondays.

Next week wake up and say with confidence. T.G.I.M.

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Trade well and look after yourself,

Timon Rossolimos

Founder, MATI Trader



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