Stop these 7 Trading Excuses

by | Jun 27, 2022

Just your friendly kick in the arse.
Stop the excuses!
I’m not going to listen to your excuses…
And neither should you.
Such as:
#1: I don’t have enough money to trade
Open an account and start demo-trading then!

Have you heard of QuickTrade, or TradingView?

You can just sign up and start learning how to trade. Start back testing and kick off your trading on the right note.

#2: I don’t have any time to trade


Do you have time to watch Netflix?

Do you have time to walk your dog for 15 minutes?

Do you have time to read a book?

If so…

You have time to analyse for 5 minutes, 2 minutes  to place a trade signals and then leave it up for the market.

15 minutes a day or at worse, 15 minutes a week – that’s all you need.

#3: I don’t know how to trade

What do you think MATI Trader is here for?

We help teach you how to trade the right way. We teach you through GOOD and bad times. We hold your hand every step of the way. 

#4: I’m waiting for the right time

This is the biggest excuse for people to take action in life.

Not just with trading.

With a new hobby, with opening a business, with learning to cook…

You’re not waiting for the right time, because the only time is NOW.

You’re just afraid of failing and too scared to start.

Prove me wrong…

#5: The world and the markets are in a bad state


With trading, we don’t care whether the markets move up or down.

If it goes up we profit.

If it goes down we profit…

That’s the whole point of trading.

Or else I would just do the passive income (which I don’t believe exists) approach and just buy and hold forever in hope.

#6: I don’t know what to trade

Why choose?

A chart is a chart.

Any market with a ton of volume, is going to move in one of three ways.

Up, down or sideways.

Stocks, indices, forex, commodities or crypto currencies.

They all move the same, they all act the same.

So, diversify your trading and trade all high volume traded markets.

#7: Trading is complicated

Everything seems complicated in the beginning.

But as you repeat the process on a daily basis, it gets easier…
This isn’t programming, you don’t need to know maths or science.
All you need to know is where to type in your prices.
Buy Or Sell
(Where to get in)
Stop loss
(Where to place your risk level)
Take profit  
(Where to place your reward level)
Trade (Enter)
The rest, we show you via videos or in the Premium membership step by step processes EACH TIME.
My oldest client was 85
My oldest client was 85, and learnt to trade in 3 months and has been with me for 3 years already.
That makes him 88 today!
Stop the excuses and start actually taking accountability into your life.
Say less, do more…
If this motivation helped give the kick you need, let me know by replying back.

Trade well, live free.

Timon Rossolimos

Founder, MATI Trader



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