It’s finally here!

First of all…

I want to thank you for your incredibly well-worth it patience.

We’ve currently been undergoing a full year of beta-testing, encryption safety as well as preparing all the necessary resources, books and calculators exclusively for MATI Trader’s biggest launch yet to date.

Now we would like to extend our invitation to you and introduce you to The Premium MATI Trader Service:


This is an online
email service for anyone looking for live
weekly buy and sell trade signals to
profit on the go from
both local & international
stocks, Forex and


Weekly Email Buy & Sell Trade Alerts
› Which markets to trade & why
› Precise entry & exit price levels
› Easy to visualise chart setup

Follow-Up Email Trade Updates
› Lock in trading profits & cut losses
› See how your current trades are performing

Online Trading Videos
› Discover new high probability trades
› Learn profitable trading strategies

1 Step-By-Step Welcome Guide (PDF)
› How to start & make a success from trading
› 5-Step checklist to action each trade

1 MATI Trader Service Risk Calculator
› How much to buy or sell with the 2% rule

1 MATI Trader Service Journal Calculator
› Fast track your weekly trading performance

1 Broker & Charting Platform Letter (PDF)
› 3 Highly recommended companies

1 CFDs & Spread Betting Beginner’s Guide (PDF)

› 100% Life-time Money-Back Guarantee
›  Full lifetime access: Upgrades
›  Customer services support via email
›  An email address to ask Timon anything

It sounds like a lot, but it really isn’t. In fact, once you’ve downloaded and read through all the material you’ll have everything you need to start growing your forever-income portfolio.

If you can follow a simple 5-step checklist, you’ll be able to:

Live Your Laptop Lifestyle With
A 5 Minute Work Week

Whether you’re enjoying your first coffee in the morning, on your lunch break, have a couple of minutes a day to spare when you get home – YOU CAN DO THIS. 
Even if you’re lying on your bed, sitting on your couch, at the train station, chilling at your friend’s place, this will work on your phone, tablet, laptop or any other device with an internet connection. 
It’s designed to be easy to follow and to guarantee a successful trading career over the medium to long term.  
And as you become more proficient with your trading during your Premium MATI Trader Service experience, the quicker it will take to action and profit with each trade.  
Once you join you’ll begin your 5 minutes work week, living your best life.  
I need to set the record straight before you take the next step.
I only want you to join this Premium MATI Trader Service if: 
~ You want to create financial freedom where you can finally live life on your terms. 
~ You’re happy to spend 5 to 10 minutes a week building your million-rand portfolio.
~ In the bottom of your heart, you believe trading is the way to go to add an extra income stream. 
~ You are ready to commit to this forever-income career
If you agree to the above terms, then I 100% want you to join and I’m happy to guide you throughout the service week-in-week-out. 
In fact, I will virtually be working for you for FREE. 


If you you’ve been patiently waiting on the email hot list to secure the early-bird of R1,000 discount, send me a blank email right now by clicking here to and I will send you everything you need to become a Premium MATI Trader Service member before the price doubles…

Trade well,

Timon Rossolimos

Founder, MATI Trader

PPS: Who knows? Your next trade could pay off for the entire year’s subscription!


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