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“There are days when I get home and I just can’t stay focused to do anything let alone read your trading articles. Do you have a video channel where I can watch these trading lessons instead, so I don’t miss out?”
Paul. S

I fully understand where you’re coming from. Sometimes, you just want to get home after a tiring day from work, jump on the couch and choose to watch Netflix in the background while scrolling through your Facebook page.

Very often, I just want to do the same thing!

This is why I created a MATI Trader TV Channel where you can relax and watch these trading lessons and articles, while taking in the valuable content at the same time.

Full transparency: I spend each week making visual and audio articles in different locations all over the world using HD advanced video and audio editing equipment and software’s.

I want your viewing to be easy, straight to the point, informative and relaxing all at the same time.

That’s why for the next few months, I’ll be travelling throughout Greece to create these trading videos for you.

Instead of looking at iron-jungles of buildings, formal offices and other stressful locations, you’ll learn to trade with the sea, forest, ancient towns or just with a small local traditional restaurant in the background.

Best yet – Most of these trading articles won’t take up more than five minutes of your time.

To join my MATI Trader TV channel, where you’ll have access to all of these free visual and audio profit driven articles is just one-click away…  

Until next time,

Timon Rossolimos

Founder, MATI Trader

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