In January we sent a MATI Trader survey out to all members, and the feedback has been crazy.

We’ve received 437 beginner up to advanced trading questions from you.

Now the team have been in meetings all week, to try to come up with ideas on how to go about answering each.

We aligned all the questions breaking them up into five categories:

Mind and


After two weeks of long and hard preparation, we had everything ready for Timon to answer on a weekly basis until he stopped us. 

He had a better, more time consuming idea which we believed would help his MATI Traders even better.

Before we tell you his idea, here’s a bit of background about Timon.

Now what you don’t know behind closed doors is that he’s run over 20 live events all over the country.

Some events had over 100 attendees where each ticket came to R3,700 (which was fully sold out as you can see below).

Do you know what his favourite part of each event was?

It was during the masterclasses where he could answer each question an attendee asked.

There was never a wrong or silly question. Timon understood what it was like sitting in that seat for the first five years up until 2008.

Why Timon declined R15,000 per hour consultations

Timon has also been offered from R2,000 up to R15,000 an hour for a one-on-one consultation to help other traders improve and optimise their trading strategies.

It’s also understandable that one good idea could equate to hundreds of thousands of rands extra per year. Or could save them from losing tens of thousands of rands each month.

And believe it or not, in 18 years of being in the markets, Timon has declined every one of their offers.

Don’t get me wrong, he is not one to keep his knowledge and wisdom to himself, he just doesn’t believe in setting the precedent to dishing out the golden spoon to one and not the other.

In fact, this is the main reason why MATI Trader was born.

His ambition is to gather enough MATI Traders to all learn how to trade, make a success from the markets and learn the strategies and methods together as, what he calls, a ‘MATI Trader Family’.

And so three breakthroughs were born, with two still being in the making.

First Timon launched his complete MATI Trader System Programme with five videos, a book, 3 calculators and his system, to give you everything you need to become a successful trader and trade for a living with ease.

Second, is still a secret but you’re going to love it!

Third, is the idea that he came up with last week to answer your +437 questions.

Essentially, Timon will be answering your trading questions via live and pre-recorded videos.

The live videos will go straight to the Facebook and Instagram channels. Make sure you turn on your notifications.

You’ll receive the pre-recorded videos in the FREE MATI Trader email subscription as you’ve been doing.

So how do you ensure you get your trading question answered?

First, you can click the MATI Trader survey link where you can ask your questions.

– Make sure they are well thought out
– With decent grammar
– and questions that you know will help level up your trading success to that extra level.

These questions will most definitely be answered first.

Click here to start asking:

Second, if you are really serious about your trading and you want Timon to really help answer your question with his fully commited time, research and effort then do this:

1. Record a voice note or a video with your question.

This can be via your phone, video or even computer.

2. Send it directly to, and you’ll be featured in one of the live trading Q&As.

We look forward to your contribution and we hope you enjoy the live and pre-recorded Q&As to come.

Our very best,

The MATI Trader Team