I’m done!

by | Dec 29, 2023

We’ve all had this moment.

Where we stare at our screens, scratching our heads, wondering a bunch of stuff.

  • Why is this so slow?

  • Why can’t I press the button

  • Where am I going wrong?

We’ve chased trends, hesitated when we should have acted, and let our emotions play puppeteer with our portfolios.

Today is the turning point.

For you!

It’s time to say…

“I’m done!”

This read could be what you need to win this year.

#1: I’M DONE: Making Excuses

Enough is enough!

No excuses this time.

  • Open your trading account

  • Deposit more money

  • Adopt strong trading strategies

  • Have the right calculators and journals to follow

  • Keep at it.

No more blaming external factors; it’s time to own your trading career and learn from them.

#2: I’M DONE: Feeling Emotional

Trading with emotions is like juggling dynamite.

Sooner or later, something’s going to explode.

Whether you have been on this rollercoaster of euphoria and despair for far too long.

If you celebrate winners or get angry over losers – The emotions will only enhance and will develop into emotional turmoil.

It’s time you take a more rational approach.

Risk less – If the amount is too emotional to handle.

No more “I know better trades” than my trading strategy.

No more fear, greed and definitely NO MORE EGO!

It’s time to trade with a clear head and a steady hand.

#3: I’M DONE: Rushing the Process

Patience is not just a virtue; it’s a survival skill.

Have you been guilty rushing into trades without proper research, hoping for quick wins.

Have you been irritated how slow the progress is to build an account.

Have you felt the need to quit during drawdowns.

Guess what?

No body fails with trading.

They quit.

The market doesn’t care about your impatience.

From now on, adopt the mantra:

“Slow and steady wins the trading race.”

#4: I’M DONE: Doubting Myself

Self-doubt is the silent assassin of trading success.

It creeps into your mind, sows seeds of uncertainty.

Before you know it, you’re second-guessing every move.


Remember, you are the BOSS of your trading account, strategy and results.

So act like a boss.

Get rid of self-doubt and embrace more confidence.

You have got the skills, the knowledge, and the experience.

It’s time to trust yourself and let your trades reflect that trust.

#5: I’M DONE: Missing Great Opportunities

Regret is a bitter pill to swallow.

Especially when it comes to missed trading opportunities.

I’m sure you’ve kicked yourself one too many times for hesitating when you should have pounced.

I still kick myself when I miss trades!

We are human. We can’t see everything all the time.

But remember this.

The next trade is always on its way.

You don’t need to feel FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

Always try improve on spotting and taking advantage of better trading opportunities.

And know that taking trades (no matter how good they look) are always difficult.

But they need to be taken.

They need to be followed.

From now on, be bold, seize the moment, and make the most of every chance the market throws your way.


It’s all on you!

Every financial decision you make, is your responsibility.

So remember to say out loud what we are DONE THIS YEAR.

#1: I’M DONE: Making Excuses

#2: I’M DONE: Feeling Emotional

#3: I’M DONE: Rushing the Process

#4: I’M DONE: Doubting Myself

#5: I’M DONE: Missing Great Opportunities



Trade well, live free.

Timon Rossolimos
Founder, MATI Trader




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Timon Rossolimos

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