STOP Overtrading with these easy steps

by | Feb 3, 2024

How to Stop Overtrading

Do you ever get caught in the whirlwind of overtrading?

You’re taking a ton of trades because you’re bored, to make up for losses, for the sake of trading and to maybe feel productive.

It’s like Netflix really. You’re watching your favorite TV series; before you know it, you’ve devoured the whole season in one sitting.

Time lost and you get deep withdrawal symptoms.

Well, you need to seriously stop overtrading.

It’s one of the BAD habits that you can find yourself repeating.

And over time, it will lead to a ton of losses, a blown account and you looking for the “next” best thing.

Let’s get into it.

Recognize when you’re overtrading and then simply – STOP!

TO put it blunt.

Overtrading refers to the excessive buying and selling of financial markets that are often driven by emotional decision-making rather than a strategic approach. This leads to low returns and increased risk.

First off, it’s crucial to recognize when you’re overtrading.

There are a couple of times when you could find yourself overtrading:

  • Chasing losses   


    This is where you try to recover from a losing streak by getting into more lower probability trades.


  • The gamblers overconfidence  


    The opposite can happen.

    You might feel invincible and the king of the trading world, after a series of successful trades.

    And this could get you to take on more trades, without proper analysis.

    And it could lead to you losing all your wins for the day.    


  • Market FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)    


    You might see a NEWS event come out.

    Your buddy might have taken an enticing trade.

    Or you just feel there is more profits you believe you can take off the table.

    And so, you jumping into more trades due to the fear of missing a profit opportunity.

  • Boredom Fever      

    Your trader and time is passing and, you are getting bored.

    In fact, you’re probably feeling unproductive just seeing on your hands.

    And so you get into other positions to pass time or for the excitement.

    And you disregard, your sound market analysis.  


  • Attempting to meet unrealistic profit goals 

    Most traders have a maximum loss per day, before they stop trading.

    The dangerous players try to have a minimum goal of a % win they want to achieve per day.

    This is dangerous. And this can lead to overtrading and more loss taking.

Peer pressure

Like I said, you might hear from a buddy who’s taking trades.


You might hear from some economist or analyst who’s diving in.


And you’ll feel peer pressure if they get you to the point to follow them.

You have your own strategy, system and risk management analysis. You don’t need anything else!

Got it?

Top of Form So what do you do when you feel the sense of overtrading?

Here are some ideas.

How to stop overtrading with easy steps


Take a break

It’s like stepping away from a heated argument to cool off. It helps clear your head.


Pick your best times and days to trade

Not all hours are created equal.

Know the market rhythms and dance to the beat that suits you best.


Keep to your plan only

Your trading plan is your roadmap.

If your plan is to follow a mentor – so be it.

If your plan is to follow your own strategy – Go for it.

If your plan is to intraday trade, day trade, position trade or core trade – Just follow it.

Don’t venture off into uncharted territory.


Quality over quantity

Focus on making a few high-quality trades rather than a bunch of haphazard ones.

Think of it as choosing a super healthy meal over a fast-food binge.


Engage in other activities

Go enjoy other aspects of life. Trading isn’t EVERYTHING.

Go for a walk.

Play with your dog or cat.

Do other business.

Distract yourself with hobbies or exercise when you feel the urge to overtrade.

You’ll thank yourself for not taking any unnecessary trades. Because you won’t set that dangerous precedent, which can continue at a later stage.


Final words:

Overtrading is doing exactly that. Taking too many trades without following your sound principles, strategy and analyses.

This can lead to taking low probability trades, increasing your losses and destroying your mechanical mindset and trading strategy.

Let’s sum up WHAT causes you to over trade.


Chasing losses:

The gamblers overconfidence:

Market FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Boredom fever

Attempting to meet unrealistic profit goals

Peer pressure


And we covered ways to STOP overtrading by things like:


Take a break

Pick your best times and days to trade

Keep to your plan only

Quality over quantity

Engage in other activities


Now you know what to do to STOP OVERTRADING.

Go and don’t do it!

Trade well, live free.

Timon Rossolimos
Founder, MATI Trader




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Timon Rossolimos

Founder, MATI Trader


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