How to Get Your Trading SH#!t done

by | Jul 4, 2021

So you have a trading account opened.

The money is in, your watchlist and charts are set up.

But you have left your trading half-hearted with doubt, concern and little energy.

This is what is slowing your performance.

This is what is stopping you from growing your account.

And this is why you’re living with second thoughts not seeing progress.

May these 5 steps be the wake-up call to get your trading done!

Step #1:
Get a cheat-sheet

Every trading plan you have, needs a cheat sheet.

Your cheat sheet will remind you of the criteria you need to enter your trade, put your stop loss and take profit levels.

You can also add what percentage you would like to risk and the Risk reward you’ll follow.

Here’s a very basic Cheat sheet layout as an example.

Once you fill in the blanks and info – Print it, laminate it and stick it up somewhere. 

Step #2:
Prepare your watch list 

As you know there are countless of markets to choose from (stocks, indices, commodities, currencies and crypto-currencies).

Make sure you have a solid short list of markets you’ll be looking at when you trade.

Once a day or so, you can go through them and see what is lining up with your trading system.

Step #3:
Sit down and set up

At the most suitable time, shut down all your distractions for the day.
Phone, Netflix, family, pets etc…

Sit down for a couple of minutes a day – going through your watch list and writing down the trades that are lining up for the next day.

Step #4:
Place your trade/s order 

Whether you’re placing a trade during the day or after the market closes, you need to take the trade. 

If all is aligned in syzygy, you have no excuse but to type in a couple of figures and click BUY or SELL. 


Step #5:
Journal your trades 

Once all four steps have been accomplished, you’ll then write down the trades you’ve taken in a trading journal.

This way you can keep track of your progress and have an archive of your trading performance with the right stats.

Don’t waste any more time waiting for the right time and feel.

There is never the right time.

Hope this wake-up article will help you really kick off your trading success from here on end.

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You might save yourself 5 years of learning, adapting and optimising.

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Trade well and look after yourself,

Timon Rossolimos

Founder, MATI Trader



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