How to be a LASER Trader

by | Feb 14, 2021

Rinse and repeat.

That’s it…

That’s all you need, to be a successful trader.

It’s the repeat motion that will help grow your portfolio.

Do you want to know what I use to do this?

It’s one simple little acronym you’ll never forget…


Make sure you first have a winning system

Before I get into the acronym, make sure you have a trading system with a set of rules and criteria you’ll follow when you trade.

Whether you use my 20 year low risk, high reward MATI Trader System…
(Get it by clicking the link) Or you have your own proven system, according to your personality – you’ll need one.

And when you have your system then you can follow this powerful acronym.


1: Look

The first thing you’ll need to do, is to go through your watchlist very quickly.

A watch list is a list of markets you’ll LOOK through when finding trades.

These markets can range from anything including shares, indices, commodities, currencies and crypto-currencies.

When you have your watch list, you’ll go through the list and get a feel for how the markets have moved for the day.

Before I trade anything, I LOOK at the JSE All Share 40 stocks that are in my watch list.

I then run through them briefly to see how the markets are performing.

Here’s my watch list with the markets in the JSE All Share Top 40…

2: Analyse

The second round of going through your watch list, is where you’ll look for specific trading setups.

Whether you trade using price action, patterns, indicators, volume etc…

This is where you’ll ANALYSE the charts individually.

Also with this step you’ll write down potential trades that are lining up.

3: Setup

The third step is to go back to the markets that you’ve written down – which you’re looking to trade.

You’ll then do your simple trading calculations and place your chart SETUPS so you can see where your trading levels are.


If I see a trade that’s lined up, I’ll draw horizontal levels showing where my entry, Stop loss (risk) and take profit (reward) levels are…

I like to use:

Blue for entry
Red for stop loss
Green for take profit

Here’s an example from the last Premium MATI Trader email with the trade setup.

4: Execute

You’re ready to take the trade!

Right-click on the market, on your trading platform, and click buy or sell…

And then you’ll place your entry, stop loss and take profit levels. You’ll choose how many CFDs you’ll need to buy according to your money management rules.

And then hit trade!

5: Record

As soon as you’ve successfully taken the trade, head over to your journal (excel document) and record your trade transaction.

Here’s how I recorded the Sasol trade that I sent out to Premium MATI Traders

That’s how to be a LASER Trader…

I like that…

And on a daily or weekly basis, you’ll repeat those steps…

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Trade well and look after yourself,

Timon Rossolimos

Founder, MATI Trader

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