How AI will revolutionise the trading world – 14 Ways

by | Jul 25, 2023

The era of AI has unleashed in almost every aspect of our lives.

And I believe that there will soon be a seismic shift in financial trading with AI.

I feel it’s my duty to share some of the ways, we will incorporate, adapt and integrate AI into trading.

To explain in simple terms…

AI is a concept to teach machines, robots and computers how to perform human actions. And trading is just another element that AI will apply to.

Let’s start…


#1: AI Trading Bots

We’ve had EA (Expert Advisors), chat bots and machine learning when it comes to trading.

As AI adapts more into the financial world, they will be able to signal, alert and even optimise our trading strategies, risk management and financial profile.


#2: AI will alert more markets into our watch lists

Not all markets work with our trading strategies.

Right now we have to manually search for different markets to back, forward and real test.

Once AI adapts to our trading strategy, it will be able to pinpoint the most efficient and effective markets to include into our trading arsenal.


#3: Real-time risk management

AI’s rapid data processing will be able to identify our risk profile.

In the near future, it will be able to identify not only trading setups, but also the volume we’ll need to buy or sell to enter or exit a trade.

It will alert us when trades are ready to go and will ask us whether we want to go ahead and action the high probability trades (according to our risk management.


#4: Algorithmic automatic trading

Once we lay out the parameters of what we want our AI trading bots to do, they will be your employee.

They’ll be able to take action while you’re away such as:

  1. Layout the chart setups

  2. Plug in the trading levels (entry, stop loss and take profits)

  3. Execute trades on our behalf

They will work for us, which will limit our time staring at screens.


#5: Sentiment Analysis: Read the market’s mood

This tool will help us identify who’s dominant in the markets.

Are the bulls or bears stronger.

It will then give us a gauge meter to tell us whether demand or supply is higher.

And this will help us make calculated decisions, based on our own trading analyses.


#6. Freeing humans from the grind

When AI takes over our trading, it will do all of the mundane tasks for us.

It’ll focus on:

What markets work best with the system

Which markets to remove from the watch list and

whether we are in favourable or unfavourable terrorist according to our system

This will free traders from spending hours behind a screen on the daily.


#7:  Automation: Back and forward testing

When AI learns a system with the right parameters and criteria, it will be able to backtest for us.

It’ll be able to go through hundreds of trades in the past and will provide a full review of the stats and measures.

It’ll tell us the:

  • trades

  • of winners and losers

  • Win and loss rate

  • Average winner and loser per trades

  • Costs, risks and losses

  • Accumulation of profit and losses and more…


#8. Pre-emptive fraud detectors

AI doesn’t just detect fraud—it sniffs out all the unregulated and fraudulent type companies, brokers, market makers.

It also analyses the markets micro and macro analyses to see which companies are doing well, cooking the books and / or are red flags to buy or sell.

Its predictive capabilities will be able to save millions of traders from falling into financial trading traps and scams.


#9: Customizable AI trading assistants

Also, I bet we will see companies create their own trading assistants.

Similar to Siri, Alexa and Google.

You will have your own finance-savvy cousin ready to act on your trading needs.

Whether you want to trade, find setups, talk about tested systems, create new strategies, learn real time info about markets and instruments.

You’ll have your own AI trading assistant just call away.


#10: The rise of quantitative trading  

Quant trading will soar to new heights.

AI will be able to crunch numbers and optimise strategies with high speed and precision.

This will make sense of complex financial models at lightning speed.


#11: Real-Time chart pattern identification

Eventually, AI will adapt machine and deep learning into charts.

We will finally see the day where market patterns, trends are identified on any time frame.

As they learn the bends, turns, vectors and consistency with the charts through predictive analysis from historical market data…

AI will adapt and learn to plot more accurate, recurring chart patterns and use them to predict future price movements on any market.

 And AI will be able to scan hundreds of charts simultaneously and highlight significant patterns as they emerge. This will present high, medium and low probability setups for our trading.


#12: Past chart patterns predictive analyses

Not only will it identify real-time chart patterns.

It will also spot historical price patterns and insights that took place in the past.

This will help us to back test the systems and how they worked on particular markets.

AI will be able to identify the chart patterns that have proven to be most successful for that particular trader.


#13: Personalized and customised trading strategies

What if you have a new chart pattern you’d like to adapt into your analysis?

Well I’m sure AI will have the ability to learn, recognise and incorporate your chart patterns into the system.

This way you can personalise what chart patterns, candlestick patterns or strategies you would like customised to your style.

This means that each trader can have a unique set of chart patterns to look for, tailored to their trading style and risk tolerance.

This personalized approach can potentially enhance your trading performance and your profitability.


#14: Integration with other data sources

This will most likely be open-ended.

It’ll work via the network where AI will improve chart pattern recognition in financial trading by integrating with other data sources.

Imagine AI learns from millions of traders, millions of strategies, systems and new inputs.

I can only imagine that traditional manual chart pattern systems will be a thing of the past.

With the new set of systems, formation, price and volume data – we will see integration of brand new forms of analyses and strategies.

And this will bring a new era of financial trading.


Final Words and summary!

It’s all exciting and frightening at the same time.

Because with AI integration, we will see yet another shift in the algorithms and it’ll bring a new future for trading.

Only those who learn to adapt and evolve – will make it…

Let’s sum up all the AI elements that will we mentioned here.

#1: AI Trading Bots

#2: AI will alert more markets into our watch lists

#3: Real-time risk management

#4: Algorithmic automatic trading

#5: Sentiment Analysis: Read the market’s mood

#6. Freeing humans from the grind

#7:  Automation: Back and forward testing

#8. Pre-emptive fraud detectors

#9: Customizable AI trading assistants

#10: The rise of quantitative trading 

#11: Real-Time chart pattern identification

#12: Past chart patterns predictive analyses

#13: Personalized and customised trading strategies

#14: Integration with other data sources

Trade well, live free.

Timon Rossolimos
Founder, MATI Trader




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Timon Rossolimos

Founder, MATI Trader



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