LAUNCHED: Forex Premium MATI Trader Service

by | Mar 14, 2022

MATI Trader has just launched the Forex Premium MATI Trader Service today.

Best news is…

When you sign up, you will be automatically added to both the Premium MATI Trader Service and also the The Forex Premium MATI Trader Service… 

I’ve also partnered up with a fantastic broker and market maker called QuickTrade who offer a great number of features and services as well as the MetaTrader 5 platform…

I do encourage you sign up with them because I always believe we need to track our trading performances differently with Shares and Forex.


They are completely different and should not have an effect on each portfolio… But I will explain everything in this QuickGuide you can download at the end of this article…

Which is why I have two separate trading accounts.

One is for the lazy, high return, low adrenaline trader. Where we hold trades for WEEKS to bank profits.

And then we have Forex which trades 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. We can get in, in the morning and it can hit our take profit by midnight.

Last Friday I sent out a trade at 8pm, so you ever know when you’ll be getting a high profitable trade!

Here are some stats that I’ve gathered from my Forex trading (after the last 18 years):

Win rate: 62.5% with Forex compared to 70% with shares 

Risk per trade: 1.5% most of the time (if you’re new then risk less or demo trade until you understand the true nature of Forex trading. 

Time: With a 4 hour chart the average holding period of a trade is less than a week.

If you’re new to trading Forex is the best way to feel the true nature of fast consistent trading results… And I’ll guide you every step of the way, so you never feel lost. 

It has taken me 7 years to confidently create this EXTRA part of the Premium Service For you…

I didn’t have to and I know some of you will not act on the Forex trade ideas, but that’s fine.

I want you to have the full experience of trading whether you live trade, demo trade or you enjoy the learning experience until you feel ready.

This is why I have two trading accounts to not have an effect on the overall track-record per sets of markets.

My goal is to preserve and protect my portfolio and for longevity to be my driving force.

Follow the system, the rules and control your emotions and you’ll learn more about yourself as a trader than anyone (including me) can ever teach you. 
So, make sure you open another trading account for Forex with QuickTrade if you want to go down this extra Premium road with me…

Sign up with the Forex Premium MATI Trader Service first by clicking here.

Then click here to read the QuickGuide to QuickTrade and MetaTrader 5 I have written for you…

If you are NOT a Forex Premium MATI Trader Service member yet, but you feel you’re finally ready to take your trading success to a whole new level – you’ll need to JOIN NOW before you miss the next profit trade opportunity coming today… .

Also, if you sign up today you’ll automatically be added to the Forex Premium MATI Trader Service as well as the Premium MATI Trader Service and you’ll receive a FREE ticket to the next MATI Trader Forex Event coming in 2022. (Valued R1,600)




This is your last chance before the price pumps back to R4,200… And you’re missing out on high profitable trades.

Order via our secured website:

Click here to order the Premium & Forex MATI Trader Premium Service – 64% New Year Discount

Or Make an EFT Payment instead:

Complete your order/s via EFT by downloading your invoice below…

Click here for your invoice for the Premium & Forex MATI Trader Premium Service – 64% New Year Discount

Please complete your order now, before the special offer expires.

PPS: Who knows? Your next trade could pay off for the entire year’s subscription!

Trade well, live free.

Timon Rossolimos

Founder, MATI Trader



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