Five Industries to Thrive Post COVID-19

by | Jun 27, 2020

The world is becoming more globalised by the day.

We’re seeing a higher level of focus and specialisation when it comes to combating individual issues.
Some global issues include:

• Boycotting of plastic straws and bags
• Protecting the environment
• Considering more eco-friendly alternatives
• Going green
• Endorsing more vegan related foods
• Equality in all kinds

And now with the global pandemic… We’re all in this together as well.

Right now, everything is being done to contain the virus, reduce the death rate and hopefully eliminate the viral spread via means of vaccines and treatments.

But there is one thing we need to take into account…

COVID-19 is not the last virus this world will encounter.

No… 2020 has set a precedent of ways to handle it with strict regulatory and national measures –

which will be enforced again.

Also, the future viruses will most likely be more mutated, more lethal and more contagious…

As investors and traders, we need to prepare for what kind of stocks and markets to watch out for, for when the next pandemic strikes again.

How to find the profit opportunities in the turmoil

Despite the national lockdowns, one thing is clear.

Stock and financial markets continue to operate.

This means profit opportunities will lurk around, during and post a virus period.

There are businesses and industries poised to come out stronger than ever from a virus era.

Here are my top 5 industries that we should look at buying… 

Industry #1:
Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals

No big surprise here…

To put it simply… Biotechnology companies combine two things.

Biology and Technology.

Biotech firms specialises in making medicines from living organisms. They focus on agriculture, food science as well as useful chemicals and products…

It’s Biotech companies that will provide the most wanted technologies, vaccines and home tests to help treat, prevent and eliminate the spread of viruses and other diseases.

It is one of the fastest growing industries to date. They say by 2025, the industry will have grown to over $727 billion as new plants and research facilities are in the making.

Another big industry in the spot light is pharmaceuticals.

Think masks, sanitizers, medical gear, medicines, vitamins & supplements and other healthcare supplies.

Also, as old drugs and medicines come to the end of their patents, we will see a launch of new drugs that will replace and conquer big pharma companies…

And so, we can expect profits to come along with these companies.

EXAMPLES: Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Merck & Co., Pfizer, AstraZeneca and GlaxoSmithKline

Industry #2:

With many people forced to stay at home and with companies resorting to permanent remote working conditions – e-shopping and cloud services are going to flourish.

Also, take-away and delivery services, digital audio and applications will rise as more people stay at home for longer periods of time.

EXAMPLES: Amazon, Uber Eats, Alibaba, Ebay and Shopify

Industry #3:
Social Platforms

When a pandemic hits, the governments urge people to stay indoors to curb the spread.

People then find new ways to keep themselves busy, entertained and connected during isolation.

Whether it’s to meet people, follow friends or join groups & discussions – social media has and will always be the key.

And now since the most recent crisis, more industries use social and video communication for business purposes as well.

I’m talking about health care, industrial and even governments are using remote meeting tools to help staff collaborate via the web.

EXAMPLES: Zoom, Facebook, Netflix, YouTube and Disney +.

Industry #4:
E-Gaming & Content Streaming

Entertainment is one of the worst-hit industries when a pandemic strikes.

Sporting events are shut, movies are suspended, music productions are put on hold, cinemas and other live events are cut off.

And so, the biggest replacement occupier of time and surge in demand is streaming.

Whether you stream movies, tv shows, online games or even fitness programmes, any of these companies that provide these streaming services will benefit.

We’ve already seen sales more than double when it comes to Playstation, Nintendo and X Box.

EXAMPLES: US Telco and Verizon, Microsoft, Apple and Nvidia and Samsung.

Industry #5:
Immersive Technology

This is one industry I am a big supporter.

I’m talking about where the physical and the digital world meet.

Things like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and other Altered form of reality.

Already, via Oculus Gear VR, I’ve been to numerous live discussions and have interacted with people around the world through one app alone called AltspaceVR.

And as, technology improves we will most definitely see an increase in this new normal way of living, learning and interacting.

Soon we’ll see digital rooms to develop and expand skills sets by attending online courses and discussions on:

• Stock trading
• Cooking
• Gardening
• Fashion
• Languages
• Entrepreneurship
• And so on…

EXAMPLES: Microsoft, Facebook, Alphabet, Sony, Qualcomm and Tencent

Final words

These are just some of the future virus-specific industries, I would look at buying when a pandemic strikes.

The companies will change but human nature will always have the same kind of needs.

It may seem like a frightening time but you can also see it as an exciting time for a variety of opportunities to set a new chapter in life post COVID-19.

Trade well and look after yourself,



Timon Rossolimos

Founder, MATI Trader

Author Note:
What are your thoughts?

Can you think of any other main industries that will flourish during a Pandemic?

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