EGO NO GO Traders’ Downfall: Six Actions to Avoid

by | Apr 14, 2024

There is NO place for ego and bravado with trading.

If it falls under your personality, you have been warned.

Do you know why?

Because ego and emotion are traders’ kryptonite.

In this piece, we’ll dive into the egotistical trader’s playbook and shine a light on six actions that could be crippling your trading game.

EGO NO GO #1: Overtrade: More is Not Always More

Overtrading is like trying to sprint a marathon; it’s unsustainable and a fast track to burnout.

You need to pace yourself or you’re going to get a spasm or a stitch.

As a trader, you’re not a machine-gun trader, firing rounds at every shadow.

You need to only look and wait for the highest probability trades.

Remember, it’s about the right trades, not just more trades.

Solution: Quality Over Quantity as I always tell my MATI Traders!

EGO NO GO #2: Revenge Trade: The Emotional Spiral

After a loss, I know it feels tempting to jump straight back into the markets in order to recover your funds.

But let’s face it…

Revenge trading is about as effective as using a leaky bucket to bail water out of a sinking ship.

Solution: Keep Cool and Carry On

Clear your head.

Take a walk, grab a beer – The market will always be there for you the next day.

And it will probably dish out even better trades.

Remember, the market doesn’t know you, and it certainly doesn’t owe you. Stick to your plan, not your pride.

EGO NO GO #3: Ignore Risk Management: The Silent Killer

If you ignore risk management, it’s like skydiving without checking your parachute.

What if you jumped and instead of a parachute you’re wearing a backback?

Don’t laugh, these things happen.

With trading you need your risk management measures:

  1. Stop loss of less than 2%

  2. Drawdown management when the portfolio goes down.

  3. Risking money you can emotionally handle to lose.

  4. Making sure of your trade size.

  5. Checking your risk to rewards.

  6. Ensuring you’ve protected your positions.

Solution: Plan Your Risk

Decide on your risk parameters before you enter a trade, and then—this is key—stick to them.

Your future self will thank you.

EGO NO GO #4: Dismiss Market Analysis: Gut Feelings vs. Hard Data

You also need to check the weather.

By weather I mean, look at the news events coming out for the day and week.

Is it NFP (Non Farm Payrolls)? – The day when you DON’T day trade.

Is it CPI (Consumer Price Index)? – The day you DON’T Trade

Is it FOMC where the federal committee talks and causes volatility?

Solution: Check the news events and be vigilant.

EGO NO GO #5: Blame Everything: The Pointless Game

When trades go south.

They look to blame.

They point fingers to their mentors, their strategy, themselves.

There is NO blame game with the markets.

If you followed your rules, strategies, risk to reward and everything else – You did the best of your ability for that trade.

Solution: Own your trade to Hone your trade It

Accept responsibility, learn from your mistakes, and grow stronger. It’s the only way.

EGO NO GO #6: Fail to Adapt: Evolve or Be Left Behind

The market is a beast that’s always changing.

I always say adapt or die.

Feel the general market’s environment.

Know whether it’s in a favourable or unfavourable period.

Tweak your system to improve your metrics.

Change the markets by adding or removing ones that aren’t working.

Take ego out of the analysis.

Solution: Stay Sharp, Stay Updated


I’m sure you already feel less egotistical when it comes to trading. And that means, this article has done it’s job.

Whenever you feel ego creeping in, remember this article save it and store it.

In fact go through all the articles that resonate, print them and store them in a file.

It will be your guide to trading well!

Let’s sum up the ego tendencies and how to avoid them…

  • Avoid Overtrading: Less can be more.

  • No Revenge Trading: Act with strategy, not emotion.

  • Stick to Risk Management: It’s your safety net.

  • Conduct Market Analysis: Never trade uninformed.

  • Stop the Blame: Learn and move forward.

  • Adapt to the Market: Evolve your strategy to stay relevant.


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