Dear MATI Trader,

There is an over-estimated word that people say. I’m talking about MOTIVATION.

“I need motivation to keep to a healthy diet.”

“I need motivation to go to gym six days a week.”

“I need motivation to see my friends.”

If I needed motivation to trade, I would have stopped trading over a decade ago. From today, I want you to remove the word motivation from your life and replace it with…


Integration is when an action becomes a habit without any effort and without any force. You make it a part of your daily life where you don’t need the motivation to do something.

To integrate something is to naturally enforce great discipline, passion and determination into your life.

I bet you already integrate certain aspects into your life such as,

  • Getting dressed

  • Brushing your teeth

  • Cooking food

Just like you’ve integrated a few of the above aspects into your life, so too have I done with trading.

For well over a decade, I have the same morning trading routine I’ve incorporated into my life.

  • I make coffee

  • Open my trading and chart platform

  • Look at the main index

  • Analyse charts using the MATI Trader System

  • Place my trade orders

  • Let the market do its thing

 That’s it. It’s what I do.

I don’t need the motivation or discipline from friends, family and colleagues when I follow my morning routine.

I’ve just integrated trading into my routine. It’s time you stop the motivation and start integrating sertain aspects into your life with everything that you are passionate about. 

Until next time,

Trade well…

Timon Rossolimos

Founder, MATI Trader

PS: What do you integrate into your life? Let us know in our Facebook group… 

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