4 Tips to be a Healthy Trader

by | Jul 17, 2021

I came up with a corny slogan in 2013.

“Wisdom Yields Wealth”.

If you’ve been with me during that time, you’ll know I signed it off after every article and video.

Well, today I came up with another corny slogan but relevant to today and this year.

“Wisdom Yields Health”.

As you know, health is the greatest wealth of all when it comes to your:

  • Physical appearance

  • Mental cognitive thoughts

  • Important decision making

  • Longevity

In 2021, health is everything as the world continues to linger in a very stressed phase. (Especially, what’s going on in South Africa).

If you want to be a good trader, you need to focus on not only your money and mind but also your health.

Health will help you optimise your trading performance.

So, this is a short but important article to remind you to try be a little bit healthier.

Sleep Even Hours

It’s an old wife’s tale that you need 7 hours of sleep.


It’s proven that the sleep cycle works on EVEN hours, NOT odd.

So if you sleep 7 hours, you’ll deprive yourself of the last 1 hour you need to complete your cycle.

When you decide to go to sleep, set an alarm for 6 hours or 8 hours to get the right amount you need.

Also, if you wake up before the alarm and you feel fresh – stay awake, don’t go back to bed. Listen to your body more and it will reward you better.

You need to be clear headed when you wake up in order to take on the markets with a fresh mindset.

Drink COLD Water

Listen… You’re made up of over 73% water.

So you might as well fuel yourself up and stay hydrated.

First glass in the morning and another glass every two hours. Or just have a 2 litre bottle next to you. When it’s finished, refill it.

Ok you’ve heard that a million times. Here’s where it gets interesting.

Did you know that if you drink ice cold water, it will help you to keep awake, will fire your neurons and will boost your thinking capabilities.

That’s the big tip with drinking water as a trader. Ice, Ice baby!

Eat less ‘high energy to consume’ foods in the day

You know what puts us off work, trading, life and even SEX itself?

Having a bloated and painful stomach, because of the S#&t we ate.

I’m talking breads, pastas, sweets, crisps and fried food.

When you eat this stuff, you won’t feel in the mood to trade, think or work. It’s also probably affecting your sex life!

Eat these in moderation and NOT when you trade or a few hours before you trade.

Anyway, I’m not giving advice, just some tips that’s helped me to trade better over the years.

Keep Walking

Gyms might be inaccessible right now. And exercise is just too difficult to keep motivated to follow.

So instead, take your trade for the day and go for a walk around your complex, park or anywhere just to burn those calories and keep you fit and healthy.

I’m in Greece right now and nothing beats a good walk around the Ancient historical sites in Monastiraki such as the Agora, Acropolis and even the amphitheatres.

Or a walk around the Marina – Flisvos harbour to take in the cool breeze and breathtaking view of the sea.

Find your piece of heaven (where ever it is) to walk around and burn those calories at least twice or three times a week.

I can go on about health tips, but four is more than enough to start with.

Please look after yourself, your body and your mind.

We care about your well-being as well as your determination to profit as a trader.

Trade well and look after yourself,

Timon Rossolimos

Founder, MATI Trader



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