3 Seconds Rule

by | Aug 8, 2022

Attention spans nowadays are ridiculously short.

 I can’t even follow old movies like I used to!

You’re probably thinking about scrolling or reading something else, already.

But what I have to say is important. Not just for trading…

But for business…

For life…

For your choices you make…


Information overload

There is so much information bombarding us every minute of the day.

On Facebook, on the news, on the streets and even in our jobs.

You just can’t commit to the time and effort you need to with priorities that will actually help make a difference to your life.

If you’re still reading this, then you can relate and I am ever so grateful for your time today.

And I can go on…

You scroll on Facebook and each post, you’ll give a maximum 3 seconds at a time.

You go through the channels on TV – the same.

You need to decide what to buy at the grocery store – 3 seconds…

You drive past a billboard – zooooom.

It’s crazy…

Well, trading is no exception.

If you don’t act in three seconds, you might as well – not trade for the entire day.

Here’s why…

You scroll through your watchlist and look at your charts – you give it 3 seconds to decide whether there’s a juice trade idea lined up.

You find a high probability trade idea – you have three seconds to decide whether you’re taking it or not.

Trade has lined up and now you have THREE seconds to execute (buy /sell). If you don’t you might miss it or you might decide to not take the trade at all.

So, you now know – we need to man up or woman up – and JUST TAKE THE TRADE.

Action favors success… Procrastination favours failure.

Got it?

I hope I’ve drilled in your mind why it is so important to consider the 3 SECOND RULE.

If you get an email from me, listen…

My headlines might not be the greatest.

My copy might not be polished.

But I am not a marketer, I am not trying to fake it… I’m trying to share bits of information, I truly believe you need for the week as a trader.

And if you resonate with my emails, then I know you’re made for MATI Trader.

In fact, I know you’re made for the Premium MATI Trader Service.

It’s just up to you to ACT before three seconds…

Trade well, live free.

Timon Rossolimos

Founder, MATI Trader



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