Saving money to trade, or in general, can be a pain.

Either it drops your quality of life, or you find that you just can’t save a cent at the end of the month. 

No matter what you’re earning, I’m going to show you exactly how to save money the easy way.

Here are my 27 favourite money savings tips with a couple of personal notes… 

SAVINGS TIP #1: Stick to your shopping list

Write your shopping list down on a piece of paper or on your phone, and stick to it to avoid overspending.

When you are prepared for what you have to buy when it comes to your grocery shopping, this will more likely stop you from buying extra items you don’t need. 

SAVINGS TIP #2: Pay with hard cash

 Pay using real money instead of swiping your debit or credit cards.

When you pay with a card, instead of cash, you’ll find that you’ll spend more money on unnecessary items than you should or with money you don’t even have.

Personal note:

While I’ve been living and trading in Greece, I find this is the best savings tip I’ve used so far.

SAVINGS TIP #3: Pay yourself firstay yourself first

As soon as you’re paid your salary, wage or income for the month – deposit a portion of that money straight into your trading or savings account.

I like to use the 10% rule, but this all depends on what you can afford to deposit. This means, if you earn R60,000 per month deposit R6,000 into your trading account or savings account each month.

SAVINGS TIP #4: Don’t shop when ‘hangry’ or emotional

Avoid shopping when you’re feeling hungry, thirsty, angry or upset.

You’ll find you’ll spend more money than you should. In a recent study: Hungry mall shoppers who were hungry spent on average 64% MORE than non-hungry shoppers.

Make sure you have a nice meal and drink lots of water, before you go on your next shopping trip.

SAVINGS TIP #5: The ‘cookie-jar’ approach

When you empty your pockets, at the end of the day, drop them into a yearly cookie jar for your savings.

You’ll be surprised how many thousands of rands you’ll be able to save, collect and be able to deposit into your trading account for the next year.

SAVINGS TIP #6: Use the 24-Hour-Rule

Before paying money for non-essential and expensive items on clothes, cosmetics, appliances or even tools, just wait 24 hours before buying it.

You may find that you’ll lose that desire to buy them after 24 hours, which will save you tens of thousands of rands a year. Maybe when your parents said “sleep on it”, there was method behind their madness.

SAVINGS TIP #7: Go generic            

Save a ton of money by buying the generic prescription medicines instead of paying a fortune for the name branded drugs.

Ask your local pharmacist or physician if you can have the generic prescription drugs instead of the brand-name drugs.

You’ll find that the generic products cost far less than the brand names, and will work equally well.

SAVINGS TIP #8: A quick breakfast that lasts a week

Breakfasts are not only the most important meal of the day, but can also be the quickest, easiest and most inexpensive meal for the day.

When you eat a full and healthy breakfast, you’ll find it will keep you from going out to eat an expensive lunch…

Personal note:

For the last two years, I have had the same breakfast which I make once and it lasts an entire week.

This has truly been life-changing as it makes my day start with one less decision to make before I get on with the rest of the day.

It’s called “Overnight Oats”. If you’d like to see my personal recipe feel free to click here…


SAVINGS TIP #9: Follow the 30-Day-Rule

Before you buy something really expensive, give it 30 days and then decide if it’s worth it.

I’m talking about items like jewellery, motorbikes, paintings, juice extractors and any other item that can cost over R3,000.

SAVINGS TIP #10: Don’t be fooled by sales

Avoid sales and don’t be duped by discounts, special offers, buy 1 get one free etc… 

Remember this for every time you see a sale for 50% at the next Black Friday’s Special.

“You’re not saving 50% of your money, you’re spending 50% of your money that you weren’t planning to spend in the first place.”

SAVINGS TIP #11: Skip the alcohol and bottled water!

When you go out to a restaurant, avoid spending unnecessary money on alcohol and expensive water bottles.

A standard restaurant can mark up their cost of alcohol by three to five times.

Instead order just plain water or even a sugar free soda.

Personal note:

In Europe I have noticed that when you ask for tap water, they pour it from a bottle of expensive water (R30) anyway. This is due to the danger of drinking tap water in Europe.

SAVINGS TIP #12: Own your doggy bag

Ask your waiter to put the food that you didn’t finish in a doggy bag, so you can save money on lunch for the next day.

People are far too embarrassed about everything nowadays which I think needs to stop.

There should not be a stigma attached to taking leftover food home.

Everybody easts, drinks and sleeps. And when it comes to the food you ordered at the restaurant, you paid for it so why waste it? 

This will also save you money, time and effort the next day for lunch, which will make your trip to the restaurant EVEN MORE WORTH IT.

SAVINGS TIP #13: Put three items back after shopping

 When you’ve added extra items to your shopping that weren’t on the list, to avoid overspending, put back at least three items that you believe you can live without.

It’s very easy to walk through the final naughty aisle grabbing a whole bunch of crisps, chocolates, biltong, dried fruit and even a bottle of juice. 

SAVINGS TIP #15: Cut down on smoking and drinking

Try to cut down your smoking and drinking by half the number per day.

This is really tricky to do but if you put your mind to it and challenge yourself, I know you can achieve this.

Personal note:

What I do with smoking is I’ve limited it to two in the morning, two in the afternoon and two at night.

This tip has saved me hundreds of rands per week from buying more boxes and I will continue to try cut it down until I’ve quit completely.

SAVINGS TIP #16: Fill up your milk with water

As soon as the milk reaches, the half way mark – fill it up with water. YOU WON’T TASTE THE DIFFERENCE.

As a parent or as a milk drinker, it can be extremely expensive to buy milk on a daily basis.

SAVINGS TIP #17: Become a vegetarian (at least once a week)

 At least once a week, switch to meatless dishes which will help drop your grocery bill.

Replace it with: Chickpeas, couscous, okra, rice, sauerkraut, quinoa, beans, nuts, pasta dishes etc… You’ll be surprised what you can find at your local supermarket.

Personal note:

Inspired by my cousin, she insisted I cut meat out just once a week. I call this day “Meatless Monday”.


#18: Grow your own vegetables


#19: Sign up for loyalty cards


#20: Track your spending on your finance budget app


#21: Make meals that will last a week e.g. Lasagna, casserole, giouvetsi, gemista, soups, roasts, ratatouille etc…


#22: Buy the generic foods rather than the expensive name branded foods


#23: Pay careful attention to expiration dates


#24: Check your eggs in their boxes and your vegetables in their packets


#25: Freeze your foods in bulk


#26: Eat a meal before going to a restaurant


#27: Keep to Pay-As-You-Go with your cell phone account and use the Wi-Fi to call on WhatAapp

This will be fun!

With these savings tips you can watch your money grow in your savings and trading account! 

Trade well,

Timon Rossolimos

Founder, MATI Trader

PS: Let me know how many of these savings tips you’d like to out or if you have any other tips let me know by emailing or click here to let us know in our MATI Trader chat room. 


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