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Who should join MATI Trader?

  • If you have NO prior trading knowledge
  • If you’re an experienced trader looking to improve your trading
  • If you have the discipline and passion to earn a consistent income
  • If you’re able to follow a low risk trading system
  • If you can spare 10 minutes out of your busy week
  • If you want to adopt a profitable trading strategy
  • If you have 10 minutes a week to trade
  • If you’re looking to make a second income

What will MATI Trader show me?

  • The best markets and time to trade.
  • A proven 20 year old trading system and methods that works on any high liquid market.
  • Which money management rules you’ll need to follow.
  • When to enter and exit a trade.
  • How to boost your win rate.
  • How to maximize your profits and minimize your losses.
  • How to develop the mindset and boost your trading self-confidence.

Do I need any qualifications or previous experience to trade with MATI Trader?

No not at all.

All you need to know is some basic 6th grade maths, how to identify shapes and have persistence to follow the trading system at least once a week.

What DO I need to trade with MATI Trader?

  • A computer to read through the free articles, lessons, handbook and watch the video lessons at least once.
  • Implement the MATI Trader System to your day-to-day trading to see the results.
  • An email address to ask me any trading related question.
  • Passion and determination to SUCCEED!

What DON’T I need to start with MATI Trader?

  • To buy anything else.
  • To prepare for tests and homework.
  • A high education.
  • A lot of money.

Is the MATI Trader System a Get-Rich-Quick method?

Unfortunately NOT.

MATI Trader is a risk-averse, safer and a more conservative way to bank a consistent income over the medium to long term.

What will I receive when I own the MATI Trader System programme?

  • The MATI Trader SystemElectronic book
  • The MATI Trader System – 5 video lessons
  • The MATI Trader System1 Cheat sheet
  • An email address to ask Timon any trading related questions
  • VIP Membership Card
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Full lifetime access to MATI Trader System – Upgrades, videos and lessons – BONUS
  • Customer Services support via email and different forums – BONUS

This programme will be sent for download to your email, once payment has reflected.

For more information on the MATI Trader System programme carry on by reading here…

Timon do you believe MATI Trader is the perfect trading system?

If you mean by a ‘perfect system’ being able to predict the markets with accuracy and certainty every time – definitely not.

There is no such thing as a ‘perfect system. Any industry that trades billions of dollars at a time, comes with unexpected market uncertainties. Each trading system you trade with will eventually endure a consecutive period of losses and drawdowns during unfavourable trading market environments.

This is one industry where we have to lose to win.

However, it’s our job to make sure our winners outweigh our losses which will help grow our portfolio on a consistent basis.

Will trading the MATI Trader System take up a lot of my time?

This depends on your trading personality and how many trades you’re looking to take per day, week or month.

If you’re looking to use the MATI Trader System programme to take 5 trades per day, then yes you’ll have to be at your screen for a number of hours waiting for your trading setups.

However, if you’re looking to take one or two trades per week – then 30 minutes per week is all you need.

Can this MATI Trader System turn me into a successful trader?

If you follow the rules, system and methodology as it is written in the programme, then yes absolutely. I am confident that this programme can help make you a consistently profitable trader, no matter what market you choose to trade.

Your responsibility is to follow everything I’m about to show you in the programme.

Trading is not a difficult endeavour, if you stick to it every day. The only difficulty with trading is the willpower, discipline and integration you need to keep at it.

How much money do I need to start trading?

Anything really.

If you’re looking to work up your skills, build your confidence and test out the MATI Trader System first, you can start with a demo account and not risk any money at all.

If you’d like to start with a live account to practise trading with real money, a mere R1,000 is a good amount.

However, with a small account you’ll need to take into account of the costs.

If you have some money you’re happy to start growing and investing with, then I would suggest a minimum account of R10,000 up to R50,000 – but it really is up to you and what you’re comfortable with.

How is the MATI Trader System different from other trading programmes out there?

From what I’ve seen, most trading systems out there focus on the very short-term methods.

I personally don’t know one trading programme that shows you how to take one or two trades a week, using a 62.5% win rate and still achieve an average 30% portfolio return per year.

How long will it take me to go through the MATI Trader System programme?

We all learn and absorb information at our own pace. It can take you three hours to complete the programme or it could take you five weeks.

We suggest you to TAKE YOUR TIME with the MATI Trader System programme.

How complicated is the MATI Trader System?

As rocket science is not rocket science to a rocket scientist, I believe I can answer this question, with what someone has to say about the programme

My proofer for the MATI Trader System handbook, who has no prior knowledge in investing and trading industry wrote back to me when she was finished editing and proofing saying:

“Congrats on a great handbook – it’s very informative, and a really nice easy-read! Copy was very clean to start with and flows perfectly. You’re now making me want to trade.”

As I have written this programme for those who have no prior knowledge to the most experienced traders out there, there is a reason I’ve given out my email address.

Anyone who has any trading question, query or comment at any time about the programme, I’ll personally answer each question within 72 hours.

This will bring me peace of mind knowing you won’t have any issues during your trading career.

How long will it take me to go through the programme?

If you have the energy to keep up through the entire programme without taking a break, then it shouldn’t take you more than five hours.

As I’ve broken the programme into four parts with a bonus lesson, you’ll find that it will be a productive and an enjoyable journey for you.

Do I need to buy any expensive equipment or software?

No – you’ll only need an internet connection and an account with a broker or a market maker.

If this is such a great system then why doesn’t everyone trade it?

Well, I’ve been working on this programme for the last two decades. Only in 2019, I finally was able to launch the MATI Trader System to the public.

Hopefully, as more people are exposed to MATI Trader, the more traders will be able to profit and trade from this proven and trusted system.

Does the MATI Trader System only work with shares?

The MATI Trader System works with all high volume traded markets and on any time frame.

Over the past decade, we’ve traded and tested the system on shares, indices, currencies, commodities and even crypto-currencies.

What time frames work best with the MATI Trader System?

With high liquid shares, indices and crypto-currencies, the MATI Trader System works best and yields a 62.5% win rate on daily time frames.

However, with currencies and commodities, we find that the MATI Trader System works best on 30 minute charts to 1 hour charts.

Does the MATI Trader System only work on buy signals?

Definitely not.

The system works on both buy and sell signals. In the second lesson of the MATI Trader System programme, we will give you a downloadable cheat sheet so you can perfect your market entries and exits with both rising and falling markets.

What age is this MATI Trader System programme for?

This trading programme is created for anyone over the ages of 16 and up to those who are well in their 90s who wish to make a consistent and a passive income.

What if I don’t find the MATI Trader System valuable?

The first lesson is completely free to see what the MATI Trader System programme is all about, how it works and what you can expect during the journey.

So if by the first lesson, you haven’t found it valuable then you’ve risked nothing but an hour of your time.

Best of all, you get to keep the written and the video lesson for your trading…

How much does the MATI Trader System programme cost?

It is valued at R5,995 but because I want the MATI Trader System accessible for all those who have passion to make a living trading, I’ve dropped the price to R2,500 for everything.

Timon why are you making the MATI Trader System programme so affordable?

I understand most of these programmes are valued and sold at around R15,000 to R25,000. However, ethically I can’t allow myself to put such a high price on your faith.

My intention is to make the MATI Trader System programme affordable and accessible to loyal traders who’re looking to profit using a proven breakout trading system.

Eventually, we’ll have a community where you can post your trade suggestions on a forum or a group where we can all profit together from the system

This is a much more self-fulfilling and lucrative reason why I’ve made the programme this affordable.

It’s time to change that 5% of successful traders to at least 25%.

Is the ordering process secure and safe?

We use the latest encryption technology where your data and process to ordering is safe throughout.

Also, if you’re not one hundred percent yet with internet ordering, you can simply pay through an EFT and once you send the Proof of Payment, I will send you the product/s as soon as I’ve received the email.

How can I contact Timon or Customer Services?

If you have a trading question, suggestion or feedback to share, you are welcome to contact Timon by emailing

If you have a technical query or question, you can email

How do I join the MATI Trader System seminar hotlist?

If you’d like to join an event to see how the MATI Trader System works with real live trades and setups, then send Timon an email with your:

LOCATION and with the words
“YES – I’ll attend” and he’ll give you details on when and where the event will take place.

Send your email to

How long until I start making money from the MATI Trader System?

It could be any day really, I can’t answer this with certainty.

It could be your first trade which ends up as a winner or after your sixth trade when finally hit a winning streak.

This all depends on how favourable the market environment is for the MATI Trader System.

When the market is trending and showing strong volume, you’re guaranteed to make money during this time.

What are the benefits of owning the MATI Trader System programme?

You’ll be able to:

  • Understand the trading basics: What, why where and how?
  • Boost your winners and cut your losses.
  • Follow a 17 year trusted and proven profitable breakout trading system – that works on any market, any time, any where.
  • Know exactly where to place your entry and exit levels with each trade you take.
  • Maximise your winning streaks.
  • Raise your self-confidence and self-worth as a trader.
  • Cut out the guesswork, emotions and your gut feeling from your trading,
  • Skip the steep learning curve and avoid paying any hefty and unnecessary school fees.
  • Never depend on anyone every again.
  • Forecast your portfolio’s success with this one formula.
  • Grow your million rand portfolio with the 8th wonder of the world.
  • Absorb wisdom from an interview I had with, world-renowned trader, Peter L. Brandt.
  • Download FREE calculators and tools to optimise your daily trading.
  • Work anywhere in the world, be independent from your boss and live life on your terms.

What is the MATI Trader System programme in a nutshell?

The MATI Trader System programme is a high definition online visual and audio programme for anyone looking to start or improve their trading success.

With the MATI Trader System programme you’ll discover how to trade for a living through the ‘4 Pillars to Trading Success’ (Markets, Method, Money and Mind) using easy, proven and trusted methods.


With each lesson how will my trading improve after the programme?

The programme will reveal the four essential trading pillars to ensure your success…

  1. Markets
    (You’ll be able to find and trade the best markets, at anytime and anywhere in the world with CFDs or through Spread Trading).
  2. Method
    (You’ll learn to create and adopt proven, mechanical and consistently profitable trading strategies with a few entry and exit rules).
  3. Money
    (You’ll learn how to use essential money management rules in order to boost your winners, cut your losses and never blow your trading account).
  4. Mind
    (You’ll be able to improve your self-confidence and develop a successful trading mindset in order to trade effortlessly with less stress).

Who should sign up to the MATI Trader System programme?

Only sign up:

  • If you want to make money trading a simple and mechanical trading strategy
  • If you want to earn an extra income for your retirement
  • If you wish to become a serious part-time trader
  • If you can spare 10 minutes a week to follow a few rules
  • If you’re a beginner who’ve never traded the markets before
  • If you are a highly experienced trader and looking to optimise and improve your trading results

How did you come up with the MATI Trader System programme?

Over the last two decades I’ve had the privilege of sharing different parts of these 4 Trading Pillars to over 257,000 aspiring traders through means of newsletters, radio, TV, books, seminars, boxsets, webinars and now through this new venture launch.

For the first time in my professional career I’ve finally consolidated the 4 Trading Pillars To Success into one concise, user-friendly, and easy-to-follow programme.

Why is it called MATI?

MATI stands for:


I chose this term ‘MATI’ for two main reasons.

Reason 1: The MATI plays an important role of Greek symbolism through cultures and traditions, which pays tribute to my ancestors who were one of the early pioneers to exchange currency.

Reason 2: MATI is an acronym that gives you a proven and trusted strategy (of over 20 years) that uses MOMENTUM to AUTOMATE breakout TRADING signals with just one INDICATOR — price action.

Is this form of trading all legal?

Absolutely. All of the information you need to trade is with the use of charts provided by any market maker or broker.

There is no inside information but past data depicted into the charts.

The only information that is not known to the public is the MATI Trader System specifics with the ins, outs, and rules used to trade using historical data.

But yes the MATI Trader System programme is 100% legal.

Why do you offer a life-time guarantee for the MATI Trader System Programme?

After 17 years of making a living with the MATI Trader System strategy, I would find it a total disservice to offer you a limited money-back-guarantee. That’s why this forever guarantee is ‘performance-based’ rather than ‘time-based’.

If you can simply send one note stating why the programme did not meet your expectations with your account statement showing after 10 trades you did not earn a positive return…

You can not only claim every cent of your money back but also – you can keep the programme, lessons, tools and book forever. I’ve never been more confident in this strategy and how it can deliver a consistent and eventually a primary income for you.

You can review your order by clicking here…

Why is the first lesson of the programme free?

I have deliberately chosen and pitched the first lesson for FREE WITH ZERO FINANCIAL COMMITMENT for the MATI Trader System Programme, in order to make it accessible to all of the most dedicated traders who wish to ACTUALLY grow their wealth on a weekly and monthly basis.

So make sure you take advantage and ‘Join the first FREE lesson of the MATI Trader System Programme today by clicking here…